“I think it is unacceptable that money from taxpayers is used to cover the losses of football clubs.” That was a statement given by the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and Inter president Massimo Moratti was one of those who reacted to this and in Corriere della Sera he replies: “Italian football could certainly give a better picture of itself, and by that I  am not only talking about Calciopoli in 2006 or the tumultuous gambling scandal that is developing right now. I have been president for Inter since ’95 and I have never seen the money to fix the budget. It is the same for me as for the other presidents. in short, you cannot earn money from football. At least I can’t. “

The president conceded that he bears som guilt when it comes to one thing: “It is I that I invested too much in Inter and that I am prepared to invest more money in the future, but I’ve done it and will always do it for the passion. “

“A war of words? I think it has always been football that has been rewarding for the state and not vice versa. How? By taxes on contracts, social security payments, by paying rent for the stadiums and everything else. Not to mention the jobs that are constantly dependening on football. But it is definitely not up to me to point out these things. “

The president’s statements suggests that he is focused on leading Inter back to the top of Italy and Europe by continuing to invest money in his club.

Source: fcinternews.it