z kuzmanovic
It was an acquisition you did not expect, at a price you did not expect. Zdravko Kuzmanović is the new midfielder at Inter. He has been in Serie A with Fiorentina and in the Bundesliga at just 25 years of age. He cost a little more than a million, but his arrival in Milan have the character of an acquisition that could eventually prove to be a real success in the transfer market. Today he arrived in Italy after negotiations that were handled flawlessly by his agent Marko Naletilic. Naletilic mediated with Stuttgart and managed to release the player who had a contract until the end of June. This evening, after undergoing a medical examination at a hospital in Pavia, and after he put his signature on the contract that binds him to Inter, he talked for the first time about his new adventure as an Inter player in an exclusive interview with fcinternews.it: “I have received offers from many teams. But as soon as I heard about Inter, I asked my agent Marko to close the deal immediately. It’s a very strong feeling, it’s a really good team. This is an incredible opportunity in my career and I intend to seize it.”

Have you had time to talk to Stankovic?
“Unfortunately I have not yet had the time to do so. But Deki is a good friend and I am sure he will help me to quickly acclimate to the dressing room.”

Today, Inter made the acquisition of talent Kovacic official. What can you tell us about this young man?
“I do not follow the Croatian league much. As far as I know I can say that he is an excellent player who will help Inter from the start.”

Many reinforcements have arrived during this transferwindow of repairs. In which direction is Inter heading?
“We are a good team. I have followed my new teammates along the way and I think it’s just been bad luck when things went wrong. We are on par with the other big teams. We can chase Juve as long as mathematics allows. I believe in this team and this coach.”

Stramaccioni wanted you. How important is it for a player to immediately enjoy the trainer’s confidence?
“Very much. In fact, I can’t wait to immediately make myself available.”

It was said that Inter needed a midfielder of quality. How would you describe yourself?
“I have good feet, I am physically strong and I run alot. I can be helpful to this midfield immediately, I’m already in shape to play.”

Source: fcinternews.it