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Kuzmanović: “I am happy to wear the Inter shirt”

Zdravko Kuzmanović is the third acquisition for Inter during this transfer window. He arrives for a little less than a million euros, thanks to a

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Moratti: “Balotelli may be useful to Berlusconi for several reasons…”

Massimo Moratti was interviewed outside the Saras offices during the penultimate day of the January transfer window, and was asked about Milan’s acquisition of Balotelli:

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La Gazzetta: Inter buys the talent Laxalt for 2,5 million euros

Diego Laxalt from Uruguay is reported to be a done deal for Inter, according to Gazzetta della Sport. The central defender, born in 1993, has

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Di Marzio: “Inter insists on buying Icardi. Peruzzi…”

Gianluca Di Marzio reports more on Inter’s interest for Mauro Icardi. A interest from Chelsea has blown up during the day, which has made Inter

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Kuzmanovic signs a contract to 2017

Kuzmanovic is an Inter player, according to He has signed a contract that will last untill 2017, his salary has not yet been reveald

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Agent confirms: “Kuzmanović to Inter for 2 million”

Moments ago, Sky revealed that Kuzmanovic is going to Inter. Now the player’s agent, during an interview with, has also confirmed that it will

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Sky: “Kuzmanović to Inter for 2 million! Only details remaining”

After the acquistion of Schelotto, there is also Kuzmanovic now coming to Inter. Sky Sport reports that the deal is in principle closed since a

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Kuzmanović agent: “He wants Inter, today will be a crucial day”

The deal for Paulinho failed, but will likely be a topic again this summer. Inter are still looking for a proper reinforcement to the midfield.

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From Serbia: Kuzmanovic has already signed for Inter

According to Aca Stojanovic, a journalist close to the Serbian football, Zdravko Kuzmanovic has already signed for Inter. – Everything is done. He will play

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Di Marzio: Not only Kuzmanovic. Contact for Biglia continues

Not only Kuzmanovic. Inter have not given up hope on Lucas Biglia, says Gianluca Di Marzio. – Contact for the Argentine continues. It’s possible that Inter

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Contact between Moratti and Laurent Blanc

Mixed results of Inter’s coach Andrea Stramaccioni has raised doubts. Inter’s difficult period has lead Massimo Moratti to evaluate the situation. According to Sport Italia,

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Schelotto: “I am very happy…”

Ezequiel Schelotto is now an Inter player. A little statement by former Atalanta winger about the move. – I am very happy, he told Sportitalia.

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Sky: “Livaja a part of the deal for Schelotto – will be loaned to Eintracht Frankfurt”

According to Sky’s report, Marko Livaja will be a part of the deal that takes Schelotto to Inter. However, this does not automatically mean that

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Coppa Italia: Lazio beat Juve for the Final! The triple, just a dream…

Lazio are through to the Coppa Italia Final after a dramatic 2-1 victory overJuventus, as Arturo Vidal thought he’d forced extra time until Sergio Floccari’sstoppage-time header. They will face

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Di Marzio: “Schelotto to Inter! Costs 3.5 million and co-ownership in Livaja”

Matias Ezequiel Schelotto is going to Inter. This, according to Gianluca Di Marzio on Sky Sport, who says that Inter have completed the business with

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Corinthians: “Together with the player we decided to decline the proposal from Inter”

Corinthians Roberto de Andrade spoke about the negotiations with Inter during a press conference this evening: “Today we have talked to a representative who was

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Paulinho: “If Inter were to present another offer in June or July…”

During the press conference Inter’s offer was discussed and Paulinho did not close the door for Inter in the future: “For now I have decided

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Paulinho: “There was an offer from Inter but I decided to turn it down”

During a brief, but intense, press conference ahead of today’s practice, Paulinho confirmed that he agreed with Corinhtians to refuse the offer submitted by Inter’s

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Di Marzio: “Inter want to introduce Jonathan as part of the deal for Schelotto”

Gianluca Di Marzio continues to give us the latest updates in the negotiations for Schelotto: “The deal Schelotto-Inter is still open. Conversation is going on

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Di Marzio confirms: “Now Schelotto is close to Inter”

Gianluca Di Marzio confirmed during tonight’s broadcast on Sky that Matias Ezequiel Schelotto is close to a move to Inter: “Now Schelotto is close to

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