ranocchia salme
The draw in the derby? It belongs to the past. For Inter, the focus is on the final chase to reach third place and the playoffs for the Champions League. Starting with Inter-Catania, it will be crucial. Andrea Ranocchia was interviewed at the presentation of the Junior TIM Cup: “The fight for third place is intense and it should be. The league is combative and it’s better that way. We will fight until the end because we absolutely have to reach the Champions League. I will not play against Catania due to the knee injury. I’m still a little sore but I knew it would be that way, I bit the bullet and the medical staff did a fine job so that I could go out on the pitch in the derby. Now I aim to recover and concentrate on the match against Tottenham in the Europa League. The Derby left us with a good feeling, we had a good reaction after we found ourselves at a disadvantage, this gives us a big boost for the next match.”

The Inter defender then talked about the being called to testify in the investigation into Calcioscommesse: “I have been called to speak, I will go there to clarify my position in the same way that I did before when my case was brought. Therefore I am calm and peaceful and I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible.”

On Diego Milito: “Clearly, I’m sorry, Diego is not only a great player but also a great man who makes his voice heard in the locker room, but we have several players who will try to replace him in the best possible way.”

John Carew has just been tested and he may not be the last one: “I don’t know, these are things that the club decides. Us players are better off focusing solely on playing, the rest we will find out. We are well equipped offensively, we have Rocchi, we have other players who certainly will step up now.”

Source: fcinternews.it