A heartbroken Esteban Cambiasso after a stamping on Giovinco that cost him his first red card. Talked to Sky:  ” I apologized to Giovinco, I hope he understood that I did not mean to hurt him. I hope he can recover the Bayern game and also glad that Conte came onto the field and realized that I had no desire to hurt him, and he came and talked to me.

This is not the game that maybe makes us miss the third spot, in a championship you must play well on a regular basis and we have not done that so far. But we hope for a good final sprint and we will take one game at a time.

If I expect many match ban? I do not think it will be seen like I did it to hurt him, I came late into the situation, it was nothing personal against Sebastian and also Juve understands that, I explained it to them inside the locker room as well, I have also talked to him personally. I hope that he can come out on the field already in the Champions League game. Esteban concludes