Walter Gargano was interviewed in the mixed zone after Inter-Juventus: “I’m sorry to lose a game like this, I’m sorry for our sake and for the fans, so therefore I would first ask for their apologies. How it was playing with Kovacic? Good, he’s a great player, a young talent who has shown that he’s improving game after game, I hope for his sake that he continues that way.”

Does it disappoint you to hear the fans scream every time you make a mistake?

“No, it doesn’t affect me because I do my job, if I make mistakes in the arena fans get their say. Everybody can make mistakes and for me it’s not a problem, I’m glad to be here.”

Your desire is to stay at Inter?

“I repeat, I like it here and then the club will decide the rest.”

During the first half Juventus put you under much pressure and you suffered.

“We suffered a lot, they had a lot of energy. During the second half we played better and took charge of the pace and ran the game.”

How much did Guarin’s entrance in the second half mean?

“A lot, he’s also a great player who just like everyone else gave his contribution.”

How much was Milito missed?

“We all know how important he is, it’s important to have him, but those who are here give everything.”