Obviously it was a disappointed Andrea Stramaccioni who was interviewed by Sky after the loss against Juventus:

“Quagliarella managed to score a nice goal, one of his many, and made sure that they had a good start to the match. But it was an even game, them with Vidal and us with Cassano and Palacio where Buffon made two great saves.”

Inter became better with Guarin? “Again I say that the first half was affected by their quick goal. But we continued as in the match against Tottenham and it is undeniable that our play is developing. During the second half, Juventus attitude changed and they even gave up a striker. Champions League? We must maintain our goals and the positive side was the performance, especially if you look at the opponent. During the second half we played very well against the best team in our league. It is bitter, because we repeatedly came close to equalizing, but football can be like this.”

The Inter coach was asked about Chiellini’s foul on Cassano: “I’m not talking about the referees, it doesn’t interest me,” replied Stramaccioni as he sighed when the replay was shown on a monitor.

Why didn’t Guarin play from the start? “We prepared for a game like this: to play it and not to look at Juventus playing. Unfortunately it was a bit unexpected with Fredy, but Alvarez gave his contribution. This was the game we had to do and we did well in the first half, but then Quagliarella pulled a joker.”

On Kovacic: “The key to the suffering in the beginning was an exaggerated generosity of our two midfielders which also increased. Subsequently, when they remained in the middle, we did better. Mateo grows game by game. Now we have to continue like this, just getting the points. Zanetti? The ID-card does not matter. I also want to say something about Cambiasso, who made an ugly foul, but then went to apologize. Fouls during play happen in a heated match like this, but after the game fair play must prevail.”

“We have a match in hand and we must win at Genoa to continue chasing Lazio. We also have a semi-final in the Coppa Italia. The most important signal was continuity.”