Zanetti Salme

A short moment ago, the surgeon who operated on Javier Zanetti, Dr. Benazzo, held a press-conference regarding how the operation went.

“As the exams had shown us beforehand his achilles tendon was damages but it is now repaired. The operation itself took about between an hour and an hour and 15 minutes and it was a complete success, everythign went according to plan. Now Javier will spend the coming 3 weeks incapacitated where he won’t be able to apply any pressure at all on his foot, then the second part of rehabilitation begins where we will get him walking again. I’d say it will take about 6 months before he is fully recovered.”

Dr. Benazzo was also asked how Zanetti was feeling and responded that he was very cool and collected whilst also being in a rather good mood: “When he arrived here yesterday he said that he has coem to change a tire, what does that tell you? [laughs]. He will spend tonight at the clinic, in fact I think he will stay here until Thursday so that we can start the first part of the treatment, then I’ll see him at Appiano or at his house, the same way we always do. I’m sure that he will be able to play again, he has shown that he has an incredibly strong physique despite his age.”

“There is a risk that you could lose strength in the muscles during the period when he is incapacitated but Inter’s medical staff know how to get players who have suffered from bad injuries back on their feet as with for example Walter Samuel and Diego Milito and all the other players who have recovered with us” the doctor concluded.