Mateo Kovacic was interviewed by Inter Channel, about himself and also about Javier Zanetti. Here is the interview that was published on inter.it:

Mateo, how is the Italian going?
“Good, i’m getting better”

Only a few months at Inter and the fans are already loving you: do you want to tell them anything?
“To all our fans I want to say thank you, i’m very happy to be here. I am sorry that we are not performing well at the moment, but i think that we can do better in the last remaing matches and also in seasons to come.”

The team is in a difficult situation. How do you feel, are you at 100% or is there more to see from you?
“Yea, we haven’t been doing well lately, we have to win the upcoming four matches because the season is not yet over. We can do better and i hope we will.”

Even you?
“Of course, every player can always do better (smiles)”

Who is Javier Zanetti to you? Do you have a message for him?
“First of all he is a great person, second of all he is a great captain, i am very happy to know him and sad about the injury. But i know that he will get better and be back in a while. I it’s a heavy injury, buti hope he will be back soon. We are waiting for him!”


Source: fcinternews.it, inter.it