Javier Zanetti was interviewed at the Botinero about Inter and the future:

Javier, what do you think about the ongoing negotiations with the Indonesians?

“I know the President and his familys passion for Inter, they are currently thinking about the negotiations. We will have to wait and the only important thing is that the president keeps Inter that is very important to him. If he’ll sell? I don’t know, but I have  a hard time imagining it.”

Have you heard from Mazzarri and what do you think about the next season?

“I don’t know Mazzarri personallt, but I know his job with the other teams. We are talking about a coach who always did well and whom I wish can do well with us as well.”

About Stramaccionis situation, there has been some people accusing you and Cambiasso for things?

“My relation with Stramaccioni has always been honest, after my surgery he visited me at the hospital and said he wanted me to be a part of Inter even with crutches. He came to my restaurant Gaucho as well when we celebrated ten years and that’s enough of an answer. Then there are people who like to spread rumours in the newspapers that we are the problem but I don’t care about it.”

What does Stramaccioni leave after him after these 1.5 years?

“Unfortunately it was a hard season, we lost very many games. Strama began well with nice victory streak, and then many things happened so we didn’t go to Europe. In this way we’re all responsible.”

Is it right that the coach is the only one who pays as well?

“Our athletic trainer has payed as well, so I’d like to take this as my chance to thank him for these years together. He has gone through a lot of tough situation but has always been professional.” ask about the story with the Argentinian clan who rule the locker room:

“These rumours are spread in every hard time for us, the senators like you call us have always been acting professional and with respect trying to honor Inters shirt. We can’t clarify things every time these rumours are around. You have known me for 18 years, I’m not in one way with you and in another way with others. You’ll have to ask my teammates how the senators act and then you can judge.”

Did you meet Mazzarri when he was at Appiano and in Milan?

“We didn’t meet, but I called him.”

Can it be the right coach?

“He has an important experience from all the team he has coached who he have made play well. After a season like this with a lot of problems he could be the right man for us to restart with.”

Has Lavezzi called you? He has been seen in Milan more than once.

“He likes Milan and he likes to dine at Il Gaucho and Botinero, but that is a great difference from wanting to play here. I won’t say anything because otherwise you’ll say that I bring all my friends to Inter.(laugh)”