Training ended but there were still lingering emotions and memories for Esteban Cambiasso, who was thrilled to have met Steve Nash and trained together with him: “It was truly a pleasure to meet someone like Steve, who is such a great representative not only for basketball but for all of sport. Training with him was a special moment.”

Then an American journalist posed a rather difficult question to the midfielder: how much would Nash cost if he were to be purchased by an Italian football team? Cambiasso could only smile in amazement: “He’d have a high price for certain. But what matters is that he continues to work his magic on the basketball court. He’s fantastic!”

Esteban, himself a big basketball fan, was then asked who was better: him as a basketball player or Nash as a footballer: “I don’t know. He should invite me to play basketball. That’s the only way we could find out. I’d be happy to do it,” responded the midfielder with a smile.