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According to Gianluca di Marzio on Sky there is a concrete possibility that Ruben Botta will join Livorno and rehabilitate from his injury in that club. When he is fully recovered from the injury, he will even play for Livorno until the season is over. The reason for this is that the player hasn’t received his EU-passport yet, which makes him occupy one of Inter’s free slots for non-EU players. This is a problem and according to Di Marzio Inter and Livorno talked about the situation today and there is a possibility that Ruben Botta will be registered as a Livorno player, and then return to Inter in the future.

Source: Fcinternews.it

Authours comment: The same thing was made for Livaja when he came to Italy. The player “joined” Cesena but was an Inter player all the time and returned to Inter when he became an Italian citizen.