Sky: “Inter will loan Wallace, without an..”Sky: “Inter kommer att låna Wallace, utan..”

July 31, 2013 16:41
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According to the Sky Sports reporter Roberto Marchesi will the Brazilian full-back Wallace move to Inter on a loan, without an option or an obligation to buy him.

Source: fcinternews.itWallace

Enligt Sky Sports reportern Roberto Marchesi så kommer den brasilianska ytterbacken Wallace till Inter via ett lån, utan någon köpoption eller köptvång.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • mazin

    he is so young to play in calcio….

    • Matthaus10

      Older than Kovacic and Icardi i think ..

  • Matthaeus10

    Should he prove to be good, he might be able to help us reach CL, witch will put us in a position to attract the kind of winger we probably want to bye right now but can’t.

    the other alternative is to bye someone with experience, but not good enough to think a CL club would want him. Then he might do the same and contribute to a CL place, BUT he wouldn’t want to leave, and space for the wingback we want won’t open up, and we’re stuck with a good wingback instead of a great one.

    If Wallace helps us to CL, and won’t get a starting spot at Chelasea (witch is likely) he might want to leave Che. and we could snap him up.

    Just a theorie 🙂

  • gt

    1. because we have shitty players on the right side except il capitano whos injured.

    2. we dont have money

    3. it will give us more time to look for a permanent solution

  • Marre

    Yeah Kiro, I’m asking the same thing….

  • Kiro

    What’s the point of loaning him if they can’t buy him should he prove to be a good player… ?