Javier Zanetti was, as always, calm and smiling as he joined the rest of the Inter in the USA. The captain let himself be interviewed by the Italian press in connection with an event organized by Brook Brothers in Manhattan during yesterday evening.

Where do you see Inter next season, do you think the team can compete at the highest level and fight for a place in the Champions League? Are you hopeful?

“Of course I’m hopeful, we work well and I’ve seen the guys do a very good preparation. We want to return to being protagonists and after last season, we all have a great desire for revenge.”

How is your form? How do you feel after the injury?

“I feel better, I continue to recover and there is less and less missing, But the main thing is that I return when I feel 100%”

How does it work with Mazzarri?

“It’s going well, he’s a very knowledgeable coach, with very clear ideas. He wants everyone in the team to do their best for the team.”

But his temperament as a coach is a bit … hot!

“I believe that a great team needs a coach with a great personality, great temperament and I think Mazzarri is one of them.”

Let’s talk about the game schedule, the start of the season is pretty tough…

“Yes, it is true, it is quite difficult. But I think we are prepared for the start of the championship and also for the matches that follow. Most important thing is that we start the season well and get a good start.”

The objective is the Scudetto?

“The goal is to return to being protagonists and maybe remain there in April to fight for that goal.”

How much of your career do you still see ahead of you?

“I don’t know, for me it’s important that I can return in a good way and be useful, then I shall see how I feel at the end of this season and if I can continue…otherwise I will retire.”

In about a week you turn 40, a significant achievement. What do you wish for?

“To continue being happy, because I have almost always been that during these forty years.”

Maybe you set a goal to get a twenty-year long career with Inter…

“(Laughs) For me it has been a dream to wear this shirt all these years, to be in this club. I have spent practically almost half of my life in Italy and I feel Italian, Interista. We’ll see. .. I hope I succeed.”

Do you feel ready for a role as a director?

“I hope not … But yes, I also hope that I will be ready, but most of all to be useful in the same way that I have been on the pitch.”

If you didn’t have to end your career at Inter, have you ever thought to try an experience abroad, perhaps in the USA…

“No, no … I’ve already said that I want to finish my career at Inter, with this shirt and that I would then like to continue working for this club.”

Source: fcinternews.it