Wallace was presentated as an Inter player and here are his words reported by Inter.it:

The first question was concerning his future between Inter, Chelsea and Mourinho: “Inter, in my opinion, is a completely different club to Chelsea. They both have great history and tradition but Inter has even more of that than Chelsea. I think it’s very important for me to train to the best of my ability, trying to play as much as I can, then we’ll see at the end of the season. I only spoke to Mourinho at the beginning of the season and I’ve not heard from him since.

“I hope Inter can have a good season, I’ve obviously come here to give my all and to work. I hope to do my best and contribute to a great season, and why not win the title. I’ll give it my best shot, then we’ll see. This is a big club, everyone’s always a bit afraid of Inter, because of the club’s tradition. You must bring respect to a club of this size. Whether people will then fear us on the pitch will be down to how many games we win, but I think all the other sides will show us respect and be wary of us.”

He was then asked which full-back he’s most similar to: “Maicon made history here but I’m Wallace and my aim is to build a future here, become an important member of the team and earn a place in the Brazilian national team. The coach values full-backs, and we’ve seen that in training. It’s a very important position for the coach and that’s a positive thing for me.

“My strength is going forward, but I have to work on marking my opposite number. We’re working a lot on this and I’m sure I’ll do well. As I’ve said, my strength is going forward, getting to the by-line and putting crosses in. I’ve got no preferences as to who I play with, I just want to think about playing regardless of who the first-choice striker is. I feel ready and I’d be ready to play today if need by. I’ll keep working but I feel I can do my bit already.”

Source: Inter.it