Started from the bottom now we’re here
Started from the bottom… yeeeaaaah, pretty much still there

Ezequeil Schelotto has left Inter on loan to go to Sassuolo, against his own will probably. A buy out-clause is in place and “Il Galgo” has probably done his last game for Inter. The Nerazzurri-world cheers and gives a standing ovation. Not because of his performances, but probably because of his lack of impact in Inter. I’m not better than anyone, Schelotto is one of the weakest players I’ve seen walking out on on the grass of Giuseppe Meazza. Now he’s gone and it’s all good.

Although, I can’t throw him to the wolves entirely either and I can’t join the huge choir who shouts profanity and hatred in his general direction. Sure, I’ve given him a strike or two. Me and my old girlfriend loved Schelotto, we sat at home every weekend cheering for him. In an ironic way, because he played so bad that you felt sorry for him. But when I got to publish the article yesterday confirming his move to Sassuolo I started thinking. I’ve got nothing but respect for Schelotto.

He’s a lot like me. If I’ll let my hair grow even more we’ll have the same haircut (at this stage I look mostly like Philippe Mexes, death AND dishonor) but mainly we share the same love for Inter. Schelotto got his chance when he moved from Atalanta to the club he’d loved since he was a kid and he got to play with his idol, Javier Zanetti. He did not reach the standard demanded in Inter and was asked to leave. Schelotto wanted to stay, is he not just like us? I don’t want to cut down on anybody’s career in football, but most likely, none of us will ever represent Inter on the pitch as a player. But if we got the chance, who wouldn’t do anything to stay there? If Inters leaderboard would have been stupid enough to give me a contract and then realized that I play football, about as well as I play the saxophone, I would have fought to the death of me to stay at Inter. Even if I knew I wasn’t good enough. I’ve never been mad at Schelotto for that reason. He struggled his whole career to get to Inter and finally, his time came. Who among us would give their whole life for a dream and then give it all up after just a few months?

In one way, that disappoints me. Maybe Schelotto gave up too easy. Of course, he’s got a career to think about, but Schelotto could’ve refused to leave and hoped for a chance. Maybe if Inter had the same amount of injuries this season as the last, the chance might have surfaced, even though Walter Mazzarri said it was not going to happen. A rather naïve way of thinking and he wouldn’t beenthat popular in the eyes of the fans either. Twelve fixtures for Schelotto for the Nerazzurri. Twelve games and one goal. The header against AC Milan (where he fooled Philippe Mexes, the apple don’t fall far from the tree) and I got to see it live. I’ve witness history. I saw the only goal “Il Galgo” will score for Inter. Sadly, it was not enough. Schelotto had his heart in his right place, but not his feet.

The love for a club does not provide the club with titles, but in my heart I’ll always have more respect for a fantastically useless Schelotto than a diva with dollar-signs in his eyes who’ll move to Juventus for the same salary as in Inter + cake and then use the Inter-jersey as tissue after masturbating. Thanks for all that you’ve one Schelotto, thanks for the goal against Milan and best wishes for you in the future.