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A good first game , now Catania waits. Inter are ready for departure to Catania, who last year made many clubs suffer, not just Inter. This becomes Mazzarris first official trip with Inter. Here are his words from the press-conference before the game against Rosazzurri :

There is a charged atmosphere in Catania. How will Inter play?  is Catania stronger?

“Catania has a positivity and parts of the game they play very well, but the key is that we know that they are playing good football as a team. They were unlucky in their last match in Florence, they deserved a draw. That says a lot about the difficulties we will have to overcome” they have had less rest than us but both mentally and physically they are ready and we must work to play well. “

How is Kovacic ?

“He has recovered well , but he isn’t in the right shape yet, I do not know if he will play for 90 minutes. I will see today whether he will be ready or not to start from the beginning. It may be better for him to come in when the opponents are tired just like last game against Genoa. My role for him, I give him advice because he has great talent, he ‘s young. Things he does is because he has never fully participated in a major championship. I think he needs to show his quality higher up on the pitch because he has a lot of potential in that position, instead of being in front the defense , because there he must pass the ball quicker. In the future I see him as a Trequartista or as a attacking midfielder who breaks away and scores . “

The wingers are important to you ?

“Yes, and I think they are more mature than before. In the last two games Jonathan and Nagatomo have both scored . I am convinced that compared to 20 days ago during the U.S. tour they have developed, I saw that they began to believe in their own ability and I’m curious if they can grow further . “

How important is a positive result tomorrow in order to prepare well for the game against Juventus?

“We must understand that we will only look at ourselves and see what this team needs . The team must stand up for me and Inter’s legacy. And understand that when we attack we can suffer counterattacks, this is what happened last year and it must not happen again. We must be careful and not show our weaknesses, it ‘s the way to play football. We do not need the other feeliing and we will play calmly tomorrow and I hope that we grow in the future. “

When is Milito returning to the squad?

“He is much better, I met him and convinced him that too, I asked him to tell me if he wants to increase his playing time if he feels like it. I know what kind of strikers I have and they know what I want out of them , I believe in them. “

Our colleagues at asked Mazzarri : Have you planned some tactical changes to shut down Alvarez- Barientos ?

” Yes, we will do something, but I do won’t say what (laughs) but when we attack they should worry about us. It is logical that we will study our defensive game, and with the right tactics we will be able to stop Alvarez and Barrientos”. also asked: Jonathan may be your new Zuniga ?

“it is too early to say. He will improve by continuing communicate well. Players will get the team to grow, when we are there , I am satisfied. Zuniga became what he became, I want to concentrate on those who are here “.

After game against Genoa there was a discussion about Inter’s defense?

“It depends on the attitude and its tactics. If  we had played with two strikers instead of Alvarez and Palacio would it been any different? I do not think so. The wings are fundamental and they played very well and in the first half we created a lot of chances but we lacked the final focus. I came here to do my deeds, I rate the team on the basis of it . “

How long will it take for the team to get used to your tactics ?

“A coach who has a plan must build ideas and then transfer them to the team. I think we can already see a lot, but it takes time to play together and this is normal. A fast game just like I had with Reggina and Sampdoria. when the team makes an interception we need to attack quickly and when we makes ​​a goal we have to continue and try to get a second goal, it is an attitude that can take many games to change. “

What about the ones you wanted in the beginning of mercato ?

“I  don’t talk about the mercato” .

Was it the changes, which affected the good result against Genoa ?

“It’s hard to say, but the players did well to tire out Genoa and then the new players exploited the situation well but it is not always work that way. Tomorrow I will certainly be making three changes, and with such a large bench it would have been great if it could do more . “

What about Pereira ? There are many rumors on the mercato …

“I can not wait until the transfer window closes … I always talked to the guy in a certain way . He only thinks of playing with Inter, and we must win, for all other things there are agents and other clubs which will handle that. Wins are made by playing, he returned late from the national team and right now Jonathan is in better shape, someone has to start on the bench. “

Conte said yesterday that Juventus were weaker than last year. Are Inter closer to Juventus?”

“The fans understand how we will act, we are at year zero , we expect to grow for every game, not to think of others. The President always says it and even supporters think so. I saw at San Siro that they are close to us and I’m happy with that, we think of ourselves, we have to think like that. “

Will you continue to fine-tune at the San Siro ?

” We’ll see, we need to know the pitch, I believe nothing unless it is tested on the pitch, I look at everything, including the grass.”

When will the quality come which gets opponents concerned ?

“That ‘s what makes this an experience for me when I go to a new club. I want to play for 90 minutes,  I have to balance the quality of the team , which means you also have to think about defense , you have to know your own basic game. I want to play the ball quickly and on the ground but you have to think about the squad and the bad memories from last season.

“He talked more about changes …

“A big bench ? We came here to play against Inter, and then and then I prevented an experienced player from entering and I put Chavez on the pitch. Against Livorno I brought Insigne on for 15 minutes. I want a large bench because it is easier to make changes. It is even easier to let those who normally plays a little less, get to play. When I was little there were two changes and they had thirteen players available.

What do you think if a team that looks forward to the future?

“Tomorrow , I think that Catania will start strongly as they play at home. We will do what is required of us, so we know what we should do if they push us down or wait for us, we have prepared everything . Whenever we learn different tactics we always improve and this makes us grow.”

Genoa and Catania are two completely different teams ?

“Catania did it very well in Florence, they played in a similar way , but then it also depends on the way we play , how we play in defense and in offense.”

You said that Inter will have to live for the day ?

“No, I said Inter must move forward Sunday after Sunday without limiting ourselves. And if we find ourselves at the end of the championship and we’ve done well, there is nothing to hold us back and we are ready to continue just like Ranocchia said. I like to see our final point tally, I like to see the final points that we are having, but you can see much after the first half as well, but I do not think you will see the difference in results at home or away, but we’ll see what happens. But my team has always taken more points in the second half of the season.