In an interview published by globoesporte.com Inter’s winger Wallace talked about his dreams and aspirations. The young Brazilian, who joined Inter on loan from Chelsea, says he is happy to play for what he defines as a big club and also revealed how his transfer to Inter happened: “I arrived in June and thought I would get to stay, but then I found out that it wouldn’t be possible for them to register me because of my passport. After that they began discussing a loan and talked to me about Vitesse, where they already sent Lucas Piazon. However, I did not want to go to Holland, I wanted a big club to put myself on display and not stay in obscurity in a club without tradition, therefore I waited.”

Eventually he ended up at Inter, his coach Jose Mourinho’s former team. Did he influence the player’s choice? “I explained my thoughts to him, but it was the directors who solved everything. There were several Italian clubs interested in me, but I preferred Inter. Mourinho said he had wanted to keep me, he liked me, but it wasn’t possible. I told him that I wanted to go to a big club, I was not prepared to go to Vitesse. I was looking for a big club to put myself on display and next year to return to London. Mou knew that Inter was in the picture, but said nothing. After he and I talked about it, I was surprised, even Napoli were interested, but I didn’t hesitate to choose Inter. Moreover, which of the teams have the most significant name? Inter. Also, Napoli had already completed their squad, while Inter was still taking shape, chosing young players and having an excellent coach in Walter Mazzarri. This made me prefer Inter and Mou said I was going to a great team, he told me to hold my head high and work because I could do well.”

How is José Mourinho as coach? “A great one. It was said that he didn’t like Brazilians, but once you get to know him personally, he enchants you. He praised me a lot and gave me self-confidence, he tries to help everyone.”

What are Wallace’s goals at the moment? “I’m in a great club, I want to stay here or return to Chelsea which I appreciated very much. In the  future I want to play in Spain, Real Madrid would be nice. Real Madrid has been the team of my dreams since I was a child and I would like play with Cristiano Ronaldo, but it’s not something I’m thinking of now. I ‘m still new, but I will stay in Europe for a long time to come.”

At Inter, Wallace has kind of a duel with Jonathan, but they’re good friends: “He takes me to the training almost every day, he lives near me. But I will not stand still because he’s the starting player, I want to show Mazzarri that I deserve a chance. I pay a lot of attention during training sessions, I always listen to the coach’s advice. I must improve my marking game, the transition phase and also in attack.”

The young Brazilian says he’s not thinking about the fact that he’s at Inter on loan: “Never, I want to get a spot here at Inter. I work hard every day and I ‘m sure my time will come. When it does, I want to take advantage of it. I want to play well to one day become a starting player, I’m ambitious and always have been since I was a child.”

Wallace then described how he has developed tactically during his career: “I started as a striker, but when I moved to Fluminense they needed a right winger and I offered to play in that position. The coach liked me and since then I have played there. If it was difficult? I wouldn’t say that, but when you ‘re in a big club everything counts. Today, I don’t want to play in any other position, this is my place.”

The acclimatization in Italy has gone well: “Milan is a very beautiful city. I have visited the Duomo, amazing. I have also got a great connection with the other Brazilians in Inter, Juan and Jonathan. I have even gone out sometimes, there are many beautiful places and the weather is perfect.”

If Real were to call now, what would he say? “No, now is not the time. I want to stay at Inter or return to Chelsea, I still have a long way to go before I can realize this dream.”

Against Juventus, Wallace was left on the bench, but it’s not a problem for him: “I saw great champions like Carlos Tevez and Andrea Pirlo, for a guy like me it’s great to see them on the pitch. After the game I went up to him and said: ‘ Tutto bene? Cambia, cambia ‘ in Italian’ with the intention of exchanging shirts with him. He was very kind, I really like him as a player.”

But who does he think he resembles most of Maicon and Dani Alves? “Maicon, no doubt.”

Source: fcinternews.it