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It’s the third game in seven days. Tomorrow Inter will fly to Trieste where they will play against Cagliari, the goal is to continue with the successes from Sassuolo and Fiorentina games and continue to rise even further up in the table. Today Walter Mazzarri held a press conference for tomorrows game against Rossoblu:

There wasn’t much time to prepare for this game?

“If I say something, it’s like coming up with excuses, I want the team to make a good game, but in general I want this stuff to be noticed because I haven’t even had 72 hours to help them recover physically. “

How do you unite the continuity and performance when you always have to change in order to be able to recover fully?

“That’s a good question which I can not answer. If any journalist trying to get an idea of the general composition of teams, but today I can not say who will start, the spots are open until I have evaluated. But the growth should remain. I wanted to change the right side because Jonathan was tired even Cambiasso was exhausted against Fiorentina. But I will wait until tomorrow because Palacio and Alvarez are also tired, I need to evaluate and understand their different levels. I want a team that can give me more guarantees, therefore I must also look at other aspects as the tactical orginistaion even for those who have played less. They are 22 players in different roles there are those who have understood it better than others. “

In view of your fatigue and Cagliari characteristics, this is a more difficult game?

“It’s a difficult game based on all of theese things that is mentioned but I don’t want to talk about the game. They have a good coach and their players have good qualities and a high value, if we are not careful, this can become a classic slap banana slip after a euphoric victory, we’ll see after the game. “

You never talk about the formation but isn’t it time to let Kovacic play from start?

“He’s the only card I have, Kovacic will start to tomorrow. The guys knew right away when I looked at the pitch which makes it difficult for me now when many have played well, but it’s only the rotation that makes me change my tactics. Mateo has missed training because of his injuries and while others who have done well in team. But against Catania we could see that he’s on his way back even against Fiorentina we saw it, he did well and he deserves to start but he has to prove that he can do it better than others. “

Have you protested to Lega Calcio? Have you received any response?

“I don’t want to say, but you have to be constructive, a good reaction doesn’t matter now, but I hope it doesn’t need to happen any more. I do not want an apology but to do a good championship, you have to pay attention to these things. Fiorentina played on Thursday and they will play on Monday, Cagliari played on Wednesday and will play on Sunday, and we played on Thursday and on Sunday at 15:00. “

13 points in five games, You must definitely be happy with that, but are you surprised as well?

“When I start a new adventure, I always try to give my best without making it difficult. We must play without making mistakes, I have always said from day one that I have to be recognized for my consistency. I wanted to see all the players before I made a decision who I wanted to pursue with. “

How hard is it to leave Cambiasso off the pitch?

“He is very fundamental to my tactics, but if he only can play at 50 to 60 percent of his capacity after the Fiorentina game, there are Kuzmanovic or Taider, although Taider recently has started to play, could the first mentioned play more.”

Rocchi will be the referee, are you scared?

“Absolutely not, I do not talk about such things, that is nothing that concerns me.”


The article was written by Christopher Olsson.