Belfodil: “I’m disappointed by the draw because we were about to win”Belfodil: “Jag är besviken på det oavgjorda resultatet eftersom vi var på väg att vinna”

September 29, 2013 17:49
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Ishak Belfodil was interviewed by Inter Channel after the game and wasn’t happy with the pitch: “The ball was stopped frequently by the pitch, it wasn’t easy to play, and it took more concentration. However, that was also important for the defenders because a single mistake weighs heavier.”

The striker then went on to talk about the game: “I’m getting better and better, I’m getting more and more integrated into the team. I tried to help the team in attack, Cagliari were well positioned on the pitch. I’m disappointed by the draw because we were about to win, but I’m happy with my performance.”

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Ishak Belfodil intervjuades av Inter Channel efter matchen och var inte nöjd med planen: “Bollen stoppades ofta av planen, det var inte lätt att spela och det krävdes större koncentration. Det var dock viktigt även för försvararna eftersom ett enda misstag där väger tyngre.”

Anfallaren fortsatte sedan med att prata om matchen: “Jag blir bättre och bättre, jag integreras allt mer i laget. Jag försökte hjälpa laget i anfallet, Cagliari var bra positionerade på planen. Jag är besviken på det oavgjorda resultatet eftersom vi var på väg att vinna, men jag är nöjd med min insats.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • calviniste

    That’s why i didn’t say that Belfodil is playing bad, only his positioning that poor. For me, if we play with 2 strikers then his playstyle will be acceptable, but we’re not, he is the only striker in front of Ricky, whose job is to score a goal, we have Ricky to be “anywhere”, Ishak needed to play much further in front and less coming down so deep, its a clash between Ricky and him, i found it several times that he stand in the line between Ricky – Naga or Cambiasso – Naga ruining the pace of the team where as if he play further upfront it will be a great benefit for the team. Yes, indeed he looked like he’s working too hard and being “everywhere” but if he manage his stamina better and be in the right position he’ll be explosive, just watch the replay game carefully you’ll understand what i meant. Well who am i to say, just some newbie opinion. Call me harsh, but deep down i only hope the best for Belfodil and #INTER.
    About Pereira, last night he’s not that bad actually, perhaps his attacking patern and style are gross and he can’t match-up with Naga, but if we take a look at his defensive side, he played quite good, his clearing, tackling and defensive action are good considering his position in the wing.
    What ever the case is, still, Forza #INTER ^^

  • calviniste

    Oh you’re happy with your performance eh, Ishak? Well I’m not. If I’m Mazzari, I’ll choose Icardi to play since 1st minute, at second half I’ll bring Wallace in to replace Pereira (this Wallace boy is amazing enough for me as long as i concern, just give him chances) and then I’ll switch Naga to left wing and Wallace tu play in right wing. If anything goes wrong I’ll play Palacio as my trump card. Sorry but Belfodil are fail for me, he’s not play bad, good enough indeed, but his positioning are soooo bad, oh come on, a lone striker to play as deep as Nagatomo or even Cambiasso? Or do you play as a false nine dear Ishak? Pffth i don’t think so.. Anyway i didn’t hate you at all, in fact i wish only the best for you.. Forza #INTER

    • Nerazzurri Faithful

      I disagree, even the commentators couldn’t stop raving about how Belfodil was playing. If you saw how Cavani played at Napoli, always moving always helping out defense and constantly moving to make plays, Belfodil was a copy of that. He isn’t there yet physically which is what Mazzarri said too, when he saw Belfodil start getting tired he took him off for Icardi. Belfodil & Icardi are two completely different players. Belfodil is more like Milito who can also create chances for you, and score, his off ball movements are good. He didn’t have a perfect game, but he was good. Have patience with young guys & chill. It’s only the beginning. If Belfodil didn’t get support in times of the game because of other players, that’s not his fault.

      Agree with your point of playing Wallace, he should get more chance than Periera, who is a disaster everytime he steps on the field.