The double dimension of Kovacic, now Mateo needs to find the right one

October 31, 2013 11:48
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The double dimension of Mateo. No it is not a book title. It is simply the footballing moment in which Mateo Kovacic finds himself right now. He is a pure talent, of this there is no doubt. It is not possible to criticize a young player born in -94 who has already played games in Champions and Europa League with the personality of a real player. That this is not an easy moment for the young Croatian is something that is obvious. He is looking for the best position on the pitch, and often does not find it. There is a lot of work to be done, and Mazzarri is aware of it.

“At the moment Alvarez gives me more physical play in the middle. It is an important role.” This is how Walter Mazzarri explained the tactical change between Kovacic and Alvarez, a change that is more than justifiable. Alvarez is in good form and can play in that position. The number 10 (a number that might be a bit heavy at the moment) on the other hand is struggling to find his real dimension.  He sways between attack and the midfield. He has played in midfield and now supports Palacio in attack. Is he a regista? Who knows. Actually he surely could be. Because Mateo is good at setting up plays and above all when he plays in front of the goal becomes lethal. He has vision of the game like very few, probably like none other in the Inter squad. A gem to take care of, help to grow and not abandon. And he is doing it the right way, he is young but intelligent and knows that this opportunity at Inter is the opportunity of a lifetime. All that is needed is to find the right dimension.

Source: fcinternews

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson