Thohir: “Inter what an opportunity”

October 31, 2013 11:14
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Inter what an opportunity, I wanted the top I couldn’t buy West Ham. I know we need wingers.

Erick Thohir, new majority owner of Inter talks from Indonesia. He does so at the Investor Summit in Surabaya where he has explained his motives for buying the Milano based club and not an English or Spanish top club;

“The Italian football competition is often obscured by the Spanish and English leagues, but I prefer Italian football”, says Thohir according to Indonesian media. He then continues to explain his view on the different leagues.

“In Spain the same two clubs are always dominating, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Meanwhile in the Premier League there are more contenders for the title and they all have a healthy economy. But if I choose to buy a club, I’ll do so for its name and great history. I can’t buy a club that lacks these two characteristics; it would be like a loss. For example, why would I want to buy West Ham? Inter has a great reputation and it was a good opportunity, it had the right conditions for an acquisition. It has an important history in Europe and the rest of the world.”

The tycoon then talked about possible transfers, showing himself to be very informed about the needs of the nerazzurri.

“I know that Inter need wingers, left and right. An Indonesian player? I don’t think there are any that are ready to play at the level that is needed for a club like Inter, they aren’t ready to bridge the gap in that role. For now I don’t think I’ll bring Indonesian players to Inter, but should I do it I would aim for the Under 16. There they could maybe gain experience and then maybe become professionals. In this sense I think it would be better to test them at DC United. The transfer window? When someone writes that I want this or that player, they are saying something that isn’t true. The transfer window is closed and I have never talked about it. Before deciding on buying anyone I need to talk to Moratti and the coach”, Thohir assures.

A note regarding Italian football that Thohir has always been a fan of; “I am sure that it (serie A) will turn to shine in two years tops, all the possibilities are there for it to happen”.

source: fcinternews


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson