During a visit to Medellin, where he posed for photos with fans and signed autographs, Inter’s Fredy Guarin was interviewed by Colombian Futbolred and talked about Inter and the national team.

First, he got a question about his future and José Mourinho, a person who could be his future coach if the transition to Chelsea were to happen: “What I think about him? He’s number one quite simply.”

How is your present in Inter?

“With the new coach, Walter Mazzarri, a new project has started and it’s still ongoing. I’m sure that with patience and work, with time we will get the results.”

What do you think about Colombia’s World Cup qualifiers?

“It’s a dream come true, now we have to prepare well to reach the high level we’ll need in Brazil. The group we’re in may seem easy, but it ‘s not. Then all the teams in the World Cup are preparing to win this group and between Greece, Japan and the Ivory Coast, no one is an exception.”

You also want to be 100% in the World Cup, just like your teammates.

“Obviously, we all need to be in top shape, it will be a very important moment in the career of all my teammates. We must all be at our highest level and work well in our clubs, because nobody can get any advantages.”

How important is that little extra José Pekerman can give the national team?

“He is very valuable, because it makes the job of the coach easier and this is reflected on the pitch. We all have some experience, many of us are playing in Europe and this is definitely a positive thing.”

What do you think about Pekerman ?

“We have to thank him, he is a great man who helps us every day with his vast experience of the World Cup and football. He knew immediately how he would handle the group in a very good way and we need to be aware of that.”

What is your message to the fans after 16 years without participating in the World Cup?

“We ask people of the same support for the national team, for this family. This is a great group coming from many years of work, starting with the U17 and U20 with Eduardo Lara. Here is a different mentality, in addition to a desire to grow day by day.”