TS: Inter’s deficit to be around €70 million this year

January 8, 2014 10:38
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The budget figures for the current financial year closing on June 30 are expected to record a deficit of around €70 million. A hole generated by a narrowing of revenues and the absence of any European football. This has forced the new president Erick Thohir to turn off investment until further notice. For this reason there is an absence of transfers. Transactions will be closed only on loan deals or with right or obligation of redemption. One trick to avoid further complicating the budget for this year.

Source: Tuttosport

  • Inter

    And does Thohir have a plan to turn things arround, cause right now I can hardly see any plan neither from him or our club directors.

    If Thohir dosn’t spend some money on new and better players, how are we supposed to get any better In the future, how exactly are we gonna reach the CL if the quality Of the squad remains the same.

    Right now CL is quite unrealistic and it truely doubt it will be allot more realistic next season if our squad remains the same quality weise. And i trouly doubt that thightening our belt even furtur will improve our chances or our economy, we are financialy dependent on playing CL every year, and therfor minimizing our chances for qualifiying will only mane things worse.

    Last year we had a deficit Of €80 million, This year they expect one on €70 million that’s €150 million In just two years. That is unvelivable bad, especially when you look at the total lack Of quality In our squad.

  • Interista1

    Now i really starting to wonder why Moratti sold the club? I tought this guys money was going to erase the deficit….or….what the F…