Chivu’s agent: “He retires. He feels ashamed..”Chivus agent: “Han drar sig tillbaka. Han skäms för att..”

January 31, 2014 20:57
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Chivu’s agent was interviewed by Romanian TV and had following to say:

“He retires because he feels ashamed of making money when he is not playing.”

Source: Fcinternews.itchivu

Chivus agent intervjuades av rumänsk tv och hade följande att säga:

“Han lägger skorna på hyllan eftersom att han skäms för att tjäna pengar när han inte spelar.”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Am rili gonna miss u men…..peace

  • dil

    A big player! you’ll never be forgotten as inter best eleven in our triplete days…
    good luck and thanks.

  • Luca

    I’m pleased that he finally realized that.

  • Thank you Chivu! You will always be in our hearts!

  • Ehsan

    Good luck bro, we will really miss those fixtures that you played perfect as left back in mou’s era, wow good old days, i wish the best for ya and thank you for everthing you gave

  • prasatyoo

    Goodluck hero. You’ll be missed :’)

  • Dimitris Inter

    Forever in Inter History!
    Was key part of a treble
    and other many glory moments of the team.

    Big thank, Cristian !!!

  • Emil

    Crazy amount of respect for him

  • Anthony

    Good Luck! Your skills on the field when you were healthy will be missed!

  • tony

    He should have felt ashamed when he asked for a “golden handshake” to rescind his contract last summer. Back then he was contributing just as much to the team as he does now

  • Ali

    I thank him for all his efforts he made for Inter. But he should’ve felt “ashamed” 1 year ago. He hardly featured these past couple of years 🙂

  • Kavexo

    don’t be ashamed you are a hero… you are a true fighter… we will never forget you #TrebleLegend

  • Musi

    Grande Chivu. One of our last legends has decided to quit. I wished you could have a better ending for your carrer. We will never forget you campione!

  • Sindre

    Good news, he has been a fighter and played alot of good matches for us. But now he have earned crazy much without contributing for over a year. Right decision do end your career and good luck with whatever you have planed for the future.