FCIN: Guarin to sign for another season?

January 31, 2014 21:49
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According to our colleagues at FCInternews.it the conditions could be right for Fredy Guarin to extend his contract for a further year. This is believed to be the result of today’s meeting between the players agent and club officials.


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Brettski

    the best of all scenario’s…Thohir keeps the fans happy by not letting Guarin go, but also goes out a buys a fantastic player in Hernanes, who is exactly the type of player we need…they could form the strongest midfield in Italy…so, for the first time in a long time, the mercato is a winner for Inter…there really is a tremendous mix of youth and experience in the team at every position now…the rest is up to the coach…lets see.

  • Maxinh0

    could be a good thing. with this raise he may will try to reach his best form 🙂

  • Dimitris Inter

    I want to see how he is gonna to play now

  • HJ

    I think this would be the best option. He is a good player, a little bit selfish, but has a lot of potential. If we sell him now, we would get nothing for him. It would be W. Sneijder all over again. If we offer/give him a contract extension, and keep him till the end of the season. I am sure we can get a lot more money then. There are barely 5-6 months before the world cup. He will fight to show his potential before then, especially if he gets a little raise. Again the idea is to keep him happy, and keep him playing at a high level so that we can sell him later. Remember than in the summer there were rumors about interest from big teams, and some people were valuating him at 18-20 M. So, let’s keep him for a while and cash later.

  • Xixa

    So, no Hernanes? Hmmm, we’ll fight for existence.

    • Young Assassin

      Hernanes is a done deal he’s a inter player

  • elprincipe

    Great news, not only did we not cash in on him, but now we also offer him a raise. Great going Inter..