Guarin: “Inter make my situation clear”Guarin: “Inter, ge mig tydlighet”

January 31, 2014 12:21
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Guarin 99

Fredy Guarin has put a picture on his Twitter where he writes:

“Inter, because it is you who put me up for sale without me asking, because I was feeling calm and good in the club I want clarity and respect. I want clarity and respect for me, my agent and the supporters. For the supporters I just want to thank you because you have been warm and nice against me, and appreciated my work. If I have to leave you will always be in my heart because at Inter I made a dream come true. If I remain, I will use all my power and all my heart to help Inter win.”

 Guarin 99


Fredy Guarin har lagt upp en bild på sin Twitter där han skriver:

“Inter, eftersom att det är ni som satte mig på mercaton utan att jag bad någon om en flytt, eftersom att jag mådde bra i klubben så vill jag be er om tydlighet och respekt. Jag vill ha tydlighet och respekt mot mig, min agent och alla supportrar. Er supportrar vill jag bara tacka eftersom att ni har varit varma mot mig och beundrat mig. Om jag måste lämna kommer ni alltid vara i mitt hjärta eftersom att jag i Inter gjorde en dröm till verklighet. Om jag blir kvar kommer jag använda all min styrka och hela mitt hjärta för att hjälpa Inter vinna.”


  • Grey

    Branca is sucks,i dont know why thohir still defend him,but guarin is so selfish,how many times he shoot when his teammates in better position to score? We dont need selfishnes here,guaro,just play with heart for inter and time will tell who is the hero

  • Luqman Firmansyah

    Guarin no longer had the motivation to inter. best option is selling at the best price

  • Matrix23

    Crystal clear imply. Branca

  • Aldi Prayogi

    If he stays, he can improve.
    If he goes, we can get the money.

  • 1414

    i think i know who the bad guy is… you have a big heart guano.

  • Steve

    Yeah, we want u too stay WHOEVER!!: You got the worst passing foot i’ve ever seen…You start alot of games, more than any other, but still you can’t pass the ball right. You have tendency to make all the wrong choises for your teammates! I know u fight like a tiger, but in the next step u pass it too the opponent….You should ask yourself: I want too stay, but does my teammates want me in Inter?….ever thought about that??

    Start passing the ball, read Palacio and Ricky, leran their moves, and stopp thinking about your self when u shoot (without accuracy) from 35 meters way over the goal, wehn Palacio is all ready to take the ball…cuz his all alone…..then u can start about talk about that Inter wants you…

    Personally i have no problem seeing you leave if this things dosen’t get fixed…..and as ia said, u have had plenty of time to do so…

    FORZA PAZZA INTER!!!!!!!!!

    • elprincipe

      LOL! Couldn’t agree more! He’s got terrible decision making and two left feet.

    • now that you put it that way, i can see why Inter would want to keep Guarin – he’s got all the skills the team needs in a player 😛

  • johnestins

    If they sack branca I wil be de most happies man on earth.

  • TQ

    I hope he stays

  • JM

    It’s been weird with Guarin ever since he was openly mad with the curva, then said he was not. He is not happy when he plays and he knows his potential so he doesn’t balance his play style.

    Really happy that Hernanes joined us, he seems like a real interista with a humble attitude and a fierce football mind.

  • Mamma Tohir

    Put yourself in his place, and then write mean things about him…
    Once again convinced that our club is run by total idiots, good thinking date of things will change for the better, Tohir believe!

  • Bahram

    Remain MAN. we need U,we love U

  • interistindonesia

    So, what is the point? Where do you go guaroo..