Mudingayi agents could not reach agreement with Chievo, could stay at InterMudingayis agent nådde inte en överensenkommelse med Chievo, stannar i Inter..

January 31, 2014 23:09
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Gaby Mudingayi

Inter was hoping to get Gaby Mudingayi sold to Chievo. His agents spoke with Chievo’s sporting director, Giovanni Sartori, and they have confirmed that there will not be a transfer. It looks like that the Belgian is now stays in Milan.

Source: fcinternews.itGaby Mudingayi

Inter hade hoppas på att få sålt Gaby Mudingayi till Chievo. Hans agenter talade med Chievos sportchef Giovanni Sartori och de har bekräftat att det inte blir en övergång. Belgaren ser nu ut att stanna i Milano?.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • Ehsan

    I agree that the guy is not that good, but come on buddies show some fuckin respect for our player, this sort of talking and comparing is not acceptable

  • Grey

    @Pazza inter
    shut you mouth up!!! A real interisti never say racism!!!

    • What the hell are you talking about Grey? I dident say anything racisist at all!!! If you cant read so was I talking to mamma tohir who said something recist!!!

    • ezio

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  • send him to melbourne heart!!

  • LIM

    is it just me, or whenever he plays, he is actually not bad. he shows spirit and keeps on running.

    • elprincipe

      Is it just me or has everybody gone back instead of developing under Mazzarri?..

      • Sindre

        Alvarez, Juan and Jonathan are on such a higher level this year. We have to stop blaming our managers we switch them out way to often.

  • Mamma Tohir


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    • ezio

      don’t say such a things man.. you can curse at the coach, players, directors, owners, opponents, referees, anything man.. just don’t be a racist.. that’s a disgrace for inter, if you know the meaning of internazionale..

    • andes

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    • Ehsan

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  • Dimitris Inter

    Bad news!!

    • Dimitris Inter

      Nobody wants him, a think even for free

      • Vlad

        I don’t think we dare to request money. We are forunate is we can place him someware for free