OFFICIAL: Longo to RayoOFFICIELLT: Longo till Rayo

January 31, 2014 16:48
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Samuele Longo is now officially a Rayo Vallencao player. He will be there on a loan until the end of june.

source: fcinternews.itlongo

Samuele Longo är officiellt en Rayo Vallecano spelare. Han kommer att vara utlånad till den spanska klubben fram till juni.



Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • Lo Po

    We gained success for the 5 straight Scudetto’s by buying players not grooming them. As much as I would like to play Mbaye, Longo, and all the young guys, I also want to win. Right now, we are built like Tottenham (to use a EPL example). They, like us, have a bunch of good players but no fantastic or elite players (at this time anyway). When they did have an elite player (Bale), they stood a chance to compete in Europe and the EPL. Even then, they didn’t have enough fantastic players to support him to make real noise.

    We have to find elite and fantastic players. It’s that simple. We have to hope like hell that Kova, Icardi, Juan, Taddeii and maybe Mbaye and Bardi can evolve into fantastic or maybe elite players. Is Hernanes or Danilo D’a that type player? I’m not so sure but we shall see. And we have to keep trying to find fantastic players to build with like we did when we got Wesley, Cambiasso, Samuel and all the boys before our run a few years back.

    Our fans our too impatient to watch a total youth movement. Expectations are too high.

    • I would like to correct the first sentence:

      We gained success for the 5 straight Scudetto’s by creating “farsopoli” Just ask Christian Vieri all about it. now farsopoli is over and inter is in the same position that it was before the scandal. Thank you Marco Branca for making this possible – I love your work !!!!

      • Mike

        Did we win the UCL that year by “creating” calciopoli too? Did we win the treble by “creating” calciopoli too, motherfucker? I’m sick with the same old song you fake Jubentini kept playing for the last decade. You can’t even prove Inter had anything to do with the so called “farsopoli”.

  • Bahram

    Longo is Very talented. i dont understand why he’s moved otherwhere!


    Longo, Belfodil, Icardi, Milito, Palacio…and we need a striker? We must be stupid!!

    • slim_blues_boy

      Longo -> overrated, even he’s not good enough for hellas
      Belfodil -> flop of 2013-2014 transfer
      Icardi -> too busy banging wanda
      Milito -> need time before he can gain his peak performance after long injury
      Palacio -> the only dependable striker we have

      and you said we don’t need extra striker?

      • Maxinh0

        longo isnt overrated at all. he doesnt get any playing time to prove himself. i hope that he will get some more playing time at rayo

        • slim_blues_boy

          and why he didn’t get playing time?
          simply because he’s not good enough.
          and AT THE MOMENT, how the hell he will get chance at INTER if he’s not good enough for hellas?

          anyway, he still have chance, IF he go to lower club, so he will get playing time. maybe he can prove himself, but nobody know the future.

      • BULLET

        Belfodil never got a chance to prove himself. In games that he was subbed in he played very well. Same goes for Longo. Inter do not have faith in their young stars. They go to other teams and shine….why is that?

        • Love thohir

          Because our management is stupido..
          Choose jonathan over donati already answer how stupid they are

        • Ehsan

          Totally agree with you bro