Sky: Inter in pole position for QuagliarellaSky: Inter i ledningen för Quagliarella

January 31, 2014 15:57
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SkySport24 reports just now that birthday boy Fabio Quagliarella (turns 31 today) have been put out on the market by Juventus. Inter are reported to be interested and are in polo position and mercato-expert Luca Marchetti thinks that Quagliarella could be the final strike on the mercato for Inter.Fabio-Quagliarella-juventus-32393880-1280-659
SkySport24 rapporterar nu att födelsedagsbarnet Fabio Quagliarella (fyller 31 idag) har blivit transferlistad av Juventus idag och kommer med största sannolikhet lämna Turin-klubben. Inter har visat intresse och ligger också i ledning i jakten på Quagliarella och mercato-experten Luca Marchetti tror att Quagliarella kan vara en sista satsning för Inter under transfermarknaden.

  • He’s actually a good player compared with vucinic……he has scored some amazing goal…..I think he still has the record of great goals per season in hole Serie A…..he’s like Palacio….a underdog player…

  • Grey

    To all interisti,Give Branca a 10 year contract extension is a JUVENTINO,just dont hear him

  • nick

    are you high… first of all, what kind of name is that (Give Branca a 10 year contract extension) and why would Inter pay for a guy who hadn`t been involved in tough competiton in a while??????

    • I support Marco Branca – he is a fantastic GM and one of the great minds working at Inter if not the greatest mind at Inter- He does whatever the coach/baord of directors tells him. If the coach says “get me Vucinic no matter the cost” he says ” no problem, i’ll trade Guarin for him ” If the coach says “cut salary” he gets rid of Sneijder for only 15 mill. Fantastic work by Marco Branca. May I suggest Jean-Claude Blanc to work beside him 🙂

      • ezio

        for a juve fan you got a fantastic knowledge about inter.. I will never know how much juve sold delpiero or other things about juve.. thank you for apreciating our team btw

        • Marco Branca is the present and future of Inter! With him as GM it will ensure that Inter will keep changing coaches every year.

          Secondly, When Del Piero left the rebuilding began and we are well on our way to our third scudetto in a row. Does inter know what “rebuilding” means ? to do that you need to get rid of the Dinosaurs of Milito-Cambiasso-Zanetti-Samuel-Chivu and get rid of thta old culture that’s still stuck in the year 2009 with it.

          • ezio

            I apreciate your knowledge about inter, and secondly I don’t care about your rebuilding or whatever about juve.. I mind my own business, I will not spent time trolling in your juve fan page or searching news about your juve.. if you got my point, so please I ask you politely to move your ass and GTFO.. go trolling if you want

      • Get your facts right before trolling, dumbass. Sneijder was bought for 15m and sold for 7,5m by genious Branca.

        • i apologize for trying to make Branca look better than he is with the Sneijder deal – you have to feel sorry for him at times when he gets raped in these transfers.

  • Grey

    Inter is starting collect old soldier again….i never stop thinking,where will be our talented young players in the future,with WM and those soldiers,hard to see a pure academy youth player on the pitch

  • nobody should be complaining about seeing Quagliarella play for Inter I mean afterall, it’s not like he’s Van Nilsteroy, or John Carew, or Tomasso Rocchi. You actually have to pay for a player like Quagliarella. If you want an italian striker for free why not try Iaquinta ? he will blend in perfectly at Inter – another injury prone striker at the tail end of his career

  • nick

    if Inter could complete this transfer… it would be an amazing deadline day

  • Mark

    Well, Juventus thinks we can take over their garbage.
    But maybe we could get good things out of these guys.
    The question is, for how long?

  • Peter

    Inter are in Andy Polo position for Quagliarella..

    • Sebastian


  • ElChino20

    If we could get 2 good years out of him, why not ?

    • Ehsan

      Tottaly agre

      • Ehsan