Podolski a new name for Inter’s attackPodolski ett nytt namn för Inters anfall

February 27, 2014 21:14
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Lukas Podolski have struggled to break into Arsene Wenger’s starting line-up this season and a move away from Arsenal in the summer doesn’t seem impossible right now. With Arsenal targeting big names such as Schalke 04’s Julian Draxler and Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus for the summer transfer window they could be forced to let go of some of their own high paid players and Podolski could be one of them.

According to footballdirectnews.com clubs such as Inter, Roma, Wolfsburg and Schalke 04 are following the situation and are intrested in signing Podolski in the summer.

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Lukas Podolski har haft svårt med att ta en plats i Arsene Wengers startelva den här säsongen och en flytt ifrån Arsenal i sommar ser inte ut att vara omöjlig just nu. Med Arsenal som siktar in sig på Schalke 04s Julian Draxler och Borussia Dortmunds Marco Reus till sommarens transfer fönster så kan de bli tvingade till släppa några av sina högavlönade spelare och Podolski kan vara en av de.

Enligt footballdirectnews.com så följer klubbar som Inter, Roma, Wolfsburg och Schalke 04 situationen och är intresserade av att knyta till sig Podolski i sommar.

Källa: footballdirectnews.com

Elmar Turial
By Elmar Turial
  • Young Assassin

    All you saying you want Chicharito you’re crazy don’t bring trash to inter Podolski is 1000 time’s better but I prefer we keep ut young with Morata

  • M

    Hell no we get better than him infact we can get Daxler

    • TQ

      he sucked against real

  • Grey

    Calm down,guys. It is still for summer,it’s better for us to help inter for the rest of season by focus to every single match

  • SaPa

    WTF? Fuck off Podolski! Useless striker

  • interistindonesia

    Podolski is a good stiker, but we need him if our formation change, with 3-5-2 we dont need him we need a monster in front of palacio, just like milito in his prime.

  • Interista99

    We need a real killer in front of goal like Milito Always was. Maybe Podolski is an option but i prefer Martinez and Chicharito. We also can buy young strikers like Batshuayi

    • Young Assassin

      Chicharito is trash compared to Podolski are you serious I prefer Morata

  • Fabio Campanelli

    U people keep on saying stick with Icardi Longo etc. But we need a balance of young and senior. Podolski isn’t even that old. And he’s not overrated. Look at his history.

  • yee boii

    You People are delusional!!! Prinz Poldi is pure Class what just because he plays out of position in every squad he is at doesnt make him a bad player. In 06 he thrived because he was up top with Klose, partner him up with Palacio and on occasion Icardi and we have a nice partnership there.

  • Bang Sulam

    No, we have longo.

    • Fabio Campanelli

      No we don’t. Last time I checked Longo is lost on a serie B team on loan.

      • NickeFFS

        Then your last check was 2010…

      • Young Assassin

        You’re hella lost he’s in liga

  • JP


  • Axel

    Fuck, we have our own talents. Why we are looking at DONE players at other clubs? Bullshit. Just develop Icardi and Longo, okay! The problem is not in our young players, indeed the problem is in our coach, dumb transfer and sporting directors and short-minded fucking management.

  • Harry

    100% agree for Lukas Podolski…..

  • Milito

    He’s overrated. Lets just use Icardi and Belfodil, they have much more promise than podolski

  • Fabio Campanelli

    Would be a good signing. Hard to sign tho

  • Rory

    Stay at the arsenal poldi you will regret leaving like so many do.ozil,poldi,giroud,walcott and draxler next season?,that will take some stopping?.Gunners on the up bigtime transitional period over future full of success.

  • Rory

    lukas podolski is a top class striker with one of the finest left foots on the planet,certainly the best finisher at arsenal,the most natural no doubt.arsene wenger has messed him about no doubt by leaving him on the bench a lot,the player must be thinking what else can i do to become a regular because he always plays well and scores goals.all arsenal fans love the guy as hes a classy player and character and we certainly would miss him.look at is international goalscoring record it speaks for itself,top class.

    • Young Assassin

      He’s better then Giroyud in my opinion

      • Young Assassin


  • Ohhhh yes he would be great if he come!

  • Sebastian

    Don’t sign this overrated striker.