GDS: Inter has scoring problems in 2014GDS: Inter har målproblem 2014

February 28, 2014 14:06
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Gazzetta dello sport reports that the statistics prove that Inter has a clear goal scoring problem. During the first 17 rounds in 2013 Inter scored 37 goals. During the following 8 games played 2014 Inter has only scored 6 goals. If you divide the championship in half, Inter scored 29 goals in the first twelve games, and on the following thirteen games the team has scored 14 goals. An evident problem with goalscoring and Mazzarri will hope that Palacio gets back to the goalscoring form, that Icardi could play regularly and that Hernanes will solve many problems.

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Gazzetta dello sport skriver att statistiken gör det tydligt att Inter har problem med att göra mål. Under de första 17 omgångarna 2013 gjorde Inter 37 mål. Under de kommande åtta matcherna 2014 har Inter bara gjort 6 mål. Delar man upp mästerskapet på mitten gjorde Inter 29 mål på de tolv första första matcherna och på de efterföljande 13 har klubben gjort 14. Ett tydligt problem med målskyttet och Mazzarri lär hoppas att Palacio hittar tillbaka till målformen, att Icardi kan spela regelbundet och att Hernanes blir en frisk fläkt som löser problemet.


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  • kenway

    the proble is our coach

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    Thank you for waste your energy visiting our page,merda juventinishit.

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    Thanks for stating the obvious.

  • let’s put it this way – if Rolando has more goals in 2014 than all of inter’s trikers put together in 2014 you have problems inn my eyes but who knows, maybe it’s normal for Inter??

    • Geraud

      Maybe Rolando can play center forward next time.

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      vaffanculo di merda jube

    • Chalon

      Trolls are scum, just like your cheater team.