How has the week been?

“The week has been normal, we have practiced well and some players have had some minor problems as you know. But it hasn’t been a week that is different from any other.”

Seeing the game against Cagliari, will you prepare the game against Roma differently or have another attachment to the game striking on the counter?

“When you face teams that consider two of three results a success they have another attachment to the game. Football is spectacular but to see great games you need to unblock it quickly. Against Roma it will be a game where one till will want to play the game if we let them do so, something that can’t happen.”

Is Hernanes problem over?

“Hernanes is a generous player, he gives all he has and doesn’t think about the pain when he practices. As he is fatigued it’s hard to say if he is fully recovered since he hasn’t practiced with the team for long which is something he needs to do. He is with the squad and could both start or come on from the bench. We chose to rest him to see how his body reacted on it and if he could be available for the sessions this week.”

Has Icardi done what he needed to get your faith?

“It has never been about faith. It has been about feeling well or not, and if he practiced or not. The last game I gave him a shot for 45 minutes which he played well and he has been practicing well for a couple of weeks now. We will see if I will start with him tomorrow, considering a drop in the second half.”

Has Garcia surprised you?

“I’m not surprised. If a coach is good, has a good team and can make them play with his ideas he will always do well. Then we have to praise Roma for their mercato. Compared to the last two seasons they have bought players who are ready and this is different from earlier. They are all doing very well.”

Bergonzi who is the referee was the last one who gave Inter a penalty…

“I don’t want to talk about that and I only want to focus on the game.”

How angry are you over not seeing the Inter you wanted to see?

“When I look back at the games we’ve played I considered what difficulties we’ve created for the opponents and how much they create. If we hadn’t had some lacks of concenentration and were more effective in attack we surely would’ve taken more points. We have lost many points because of pure bad lack and that’s my only regret for this season. There are still 39 points to play for and I hope that the situations will start going our way from now.”

Doesn’t it bother you that you can’t show a team with your ideas because of everything that has happened at Inter?

“I have always asked you to be stay attentive on all the details when you talk about a coach and his staffs work. This year many things must be valued. I am happy with the progress I am doing during the weeks with the players. I can see progress even though it doesn’t lead to victories.”

Compared to the first game between the teams, is the distance between you longer and in what way?

“Roma is a team that often keeps clean sheets and that has the best defense in the league. The game against them at home was very strange, we played very well but were down by 0-3 at halftime which means we deserved to lose. We are sure we can perform well tomorrow, we can’t expect anything because football is always there to prove us wrong. Against Fiorentina we played well and if we do the same against Roma we can do well.”

What do you say about the fight against homophobia that has begun?

“I haven’t followed it. I don’t follow the newspapers and don’t want to comment it.”

Does the fact that half the stadium is closed effect you?

“I have told the players that what matters is the eleven vs eleven that step on the field. I don’t know how it will effect the game that half the stadium is closed, we can talk about it tomorrow.”

Thohir wants to meet you in June to talk about the project. Will you be calm or do we have to wait for May?

“All of this is a part of the relation between the owner and his coaching staff. It’s a normal thing and then it’s better if the president talks about this because his words are the most important one. I agree with him and between us we have talked a lot, but those are private conversations. I don’t want to talk about the future, these games are needed for us to make our decisions. In football it’s hard to plan for the future.”

Do you fear any of Roma’s players more than the other?

“Roma is a great team. They are good at defending and at attacking. They have many strengths and they can play in many different ways. They can also change during the games which is another weapon for them, more than their individually skilled players that are good in attacking the spaces.”

Is there a place for Zanetti and Cambiasso in this Inter?

“I do my choices based on what I see. Surely there is place for them, but we have many players and only eleven of them can play. I’m trying to make the decisions that are best for Inter.”

But Zanetti isn’t playing since the 9th of January? What has changed? Isn’t he ready? Are there better players? We who follow Inter since a long time back aren’t used to see him outside of the field.

“There are many things that we need to consider. The energy has changed since he is becoming older and he has also been injured. I must value all the players for the coming season and Zanetti is the last of my problems since I have a great relation with him. He is important when he isn’t playing since he helps me charging his teammates.”

Has the goalscoring problem started worrying you?

“I would’ve been worried if we didn’t create many chances. Also last Sunday we had many chances that for some or another reason didn’t result in a goal. For the future I am sure that our type of playing will pay.”

In Firenze Inter played with two strikers for the first time away. Is this a way to continue?

“The two strikers is good if they manage to work for the team. I had played with all the technical players if I could, but I must value other things. A team needs balance if it doesn’t want to lose points. If the team manages to play it’s game it would be good, but many times I have thought of other things. Against Genoa I used two strikers as well, but people seem to forget that we scored a lot of goals with Palacio and Alvarez. Alvarez is seen by many as a second striker, though I’ve made him become a midfielder. What has been the problem is the mental attachment and the condition of the players.”

Do you think that Inter’s midfield for the future is done at 2/3 seeing as you have Guarin and Hernanes, and that Kuzmanovic most probably won’t be the third player in the future?

“There are still thirteen games left to play and I don’t really think I have to talk about this now do I? It’s not right for me to talk about this before an important game. In June we will plan things with the sporting director.”

Protesting or not protesting, the reactions on your statements always change?

“If you had followed my statements, you would’ve seen that I’ve always commented the referees objectively. After the game against Fiorentina I said that Icardi was offside when he scored. Then I understood that all my words were misunderstood and that’s when I prefered being quiet.”

Our colleagues at ask if Jonathan’s words about the closure of the curve doesn’t matter and that away, or home is the same thing:

“The last few games I’ve heard the Curva all over the field and they always help us. In this way I’d prefer to play every game at home.”

Is Samuel 100% fit?

“He feels well and has no problems.”