Studio Inter XL #19: “Mazzarri is no Harry Potter”

February 28, 2014 10:03
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Yes it’s finally here, Studio Inter, the only weekly podcast in English dedicated ENTIRELY to FC Internazionale Milano where our motto is 100& Inter 100% of the time, ONLY here on

In this weeks extra long episode of Studio Inter, Sia and Ben join Nima to discuss the draw against Cagliari before previewing Saturday’s fixture away against Roma.

Also, the boys get into a heated debate regarding Walter Mazzarri’s tactics as well as announcing the Man of The Match against Cagliari as voted by you.

All of this plus this weeks Moggi & Moratti and much more in this weeks episode of Studio Inter!

So sit back, relax and join the boys as they go deep into the black & blue world of the Nerazzurri.

Host: Nima Tavallaey.

Guests: Ben Boucher & Siavoush Fallahi.

Edited by: Lukas Faxå.

Illustrations/design: Nermin Mesic.

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Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Anthony

    LOL Im gonna have to agree with Ben and Sia in this episode. This was really interesting and funny to see a clash of opinions.

  • joey

    I think we should have 2 shows where one have Nima analyse all the tactical decisions by Mazzari and how he tried his best to do the best for Inter and why Mazzari do what he did because we are not Mazzari and only Mazzari and Nima can understand why Mazzari makes his decision because he watches his players 24 7 and Nima sleeps on bed-sheet with Mazzari’s face on it.

    And then we should have another show where we have Ben and Sia make the analyses with sense and objectivity and mutual respect to one another and not interrupt others and said other’s opinions are bullshit while keep saying others interrupting him.

    I really enjoyed the show and i have put up with Nima’s pro-Mazzari for quite some time but this week its over the line. Please be more objective and save your Mazzari worshiping on another show of your own or this podcast will lose followers gradually.


    What is the point you brought SIA and BEN as your podcast GUEST if all the talking was done none but only you. I would like to here more from SIA and BEN opinions, because they have a very good anlaysis than you.

  • Almir Zelkanovic

    Again nima is going at it, and again, and again, and again. WTF dude?? Let everyone speak, you keep saying that your interrupted and throwing shit when you interrupt others too. Its really too bad, I really have enjoyed this show thus far, but I don’t see myself following pointless egoistic arguments.

  • Even as an Interista for life, i have to admit that the penalty on Juan Jesus was fair enough and that the incident on Icardi was not a penalty. We need to stop whining on ref decisions and start playing instead, if we had score 4 goals in that game all of this wouldn’t have mattered at all.

  • Alex

    I really have a hard time understanding why NIMA is defending Mazzari’s decisions.
    Jonathan doesn’t do anything tactically…he’s not even 100% match fit. He can’t complete a single dribble or cross a decent ball.

    NIMA: STOP defending Mazzari, you are better than that!

    • Fabio Campanelli

      Because he is a smart coach. I agree with Nima.

  • Musse

    This was one of the funniest ones yet, pure comedy guys. But both Sia and Nima got a point. Keep it up guys! Appreciate your work.