CdS: Thohir looking to raise revenues

March 31, 2014 10:30
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After his whirlwind trip to Milano last week, Erick Thohir has returned to Indonesia but the work to improve Inter’s finances goes on. Corriere dello Sport report on a number of initiatives that were set up last week to aid Inter’s turnover in the coming years. These projects are aside from the raising of capital via entry to the Champions League. There is an increased deal with Nike but also sponsorship deals which are to be confirmed with as yet unnamed international groups. The development of the brand will also take place through both the Inter Channel and ‘Inter Forever’. The Nerazzurri legends involved in the Inter Forever project have already arranged two friendlies in the Maldives and Kenya. Lead by Toldo there is also Ferri, Materazzi, Stankovic and Bergomi amongst others.

The project with Inter Channel is clear, to get it abroad to as many regions as possible. There is also discussions about delivering specific English content which can be distributed worldwide.

Source: Corriere dello Sport

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