It was an emotional Cristian Chivu who sat down with Inter Channel to talk after the announcement of the mutual termination of the contract between the Romanian defender and Inter.

Hi Cristian, you tried hard but then you had to admit that it’s over and say “Thanks, no more.”

“That’s life. I don’t have any resentment, that’s life. A long journey has ended and now a new life can start and I accept that.”

You had a great career as a professional football player, a huge bond to Inter, you’re loved by the fans, you won everything there is to win. I imagine that you only have good memories and good things to say about your ties to Inter.

“Yes, I would have thousand things to say but I can’t find the right words to describe what I have experienced over the last 7 years, and throughout my whole professional career. I just want to say thanks for everything.”

We’ve got you sat down here to talk to us because there are so many memories here, the scrum cap, all the things you won. It’s impressive isn’t it? You were a big part of all of this.

“There were lots of players who played a big part, you guys are also a big part of this because it was a team effort, in a great club environment with an excellent coaching and medical staff, and big players who wanted to make history at this club. The club has maintained what it has meant to people for a number of great years. And everything was done in such a perfect environment. You guys managed everything that went on around the place. So you guys deserve credit too. They are great memories that will always have a place in my heart, and I imagine the same goes for you too. And I imagine they will stay rooted there for the rest of our lives.”

How frustrating is it to have to leave? We might joke that your head is harder than your foot. You came back stronger than ever after your head injury. But not in this case.

“I had many injuries over my career, but they gave me a lot of strength to move forward. They are part of my life, of my career. I don’t have any regrets. I don’t blame anyone. That was fate. I can’t do anything about it. I was prepared for this. I initially joked that a head injury hadn’t ended my career and so I sure wouldn’t retire due to a toe injury. In the end it wasn’t just my toe, it was more complicated than that. In the end it turned out that sadly I was right two years ago. But everything I did, I did it with my heart.”

It’s not easy to find the right words. On behalf of the fans, I thank you for everything. You have thanked everybody. It’s not easy. Thanks Cristian.

“Thank you.”