Emeghara to Sky: “Guarin, I didn’t expect..”Emeghara till Sky: “Guarin, jag förväntade mig inte..”

March 31, 2014 23:43
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AS Livorno Calcio v UC Sampdoria - Serie A

Innocent Emeghara, the scorer of Livorno’s second goal, did a short interview with Rai Sport in the mixed zone after the game: “The goal was a result of my biggest qualities as a footballer: my speed and my ability to react quickly. To be honest I hadn’t expected Guarin to commit such a mistake, but we did a good job in pressing our opponents higher up and he didn’t have a lot of passing alternatives”.

Source: FcInterNews.itAS Livorno Calcio v UC Sampdoria - Serie A

I den mixade zonen gör Livornos 2-2-skytt Innocent Emeghara en kort intervju med Rai Sport: “Målet visade mina styrkor som fotbollsspelare, min snabbhet och min reaktionsförmåga. För att vara ärlig hade jag inte förväntat mig att Guarin skulle göra ett sånt misstag, men vi gjorde ett bra jobb med att pressa högt och han hade inte så många passningsalternativ”.

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Max Williams
By Max Williams
  • bala

    I don’t know why mazzari is using this guy,he should think again on him, to save one of inter’s problems

  • Joey Fyodorovich Karamazov

    I have seen Guarin try to make 100 through balls to the strikers on our team. They all are way too short or way too long. How does he make the best pass of his inter career to the wrong team lol?

  • M

    Well at the moment Guarin passed the ball there not that much pressure on him I think he meant to to pull up opponent defence up to create space
    But Mazzarri gave the team unconfedent character

  • brettski


  • Adit


  • is just a mistake

    • brettski

      yes, this time it was a ‘mistake’…but how do you explain the countless bad passes and crosses he makes every game ? mistakes ?
      I know he usually makes one or two good passes or crosses per game also, but his ratio’s are awful and his play consistently hurts the team, as could be seen with several other terrible touches he had in this game…that’s why he’s been substituted early in recent games and didn’t start this game.
      my question is why didn’t Mazzari use Taider in this situation instead of Gaurin ?

  • brettski

    he didn’t expect it…but Inter fans expect it.
    Guarin is as healthy as a horse…
    but he’s as dumb as one too.

    • azishernanes

      dumb as donkey hehe..

    • Ehsan

      Dislike it