GDS: Mazzarri wants a win for the renewal?GDS: Mazzarri vill vinna för att förnya?

March 31, 2014 11:14
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Gazzetta dello sport writes today about Mazzarri’s future and todays game:

“Mazzarri wants to confirm one of his trends, and that is taking more points in the second part of the championship than the first part. Right now it’s 32 points against 16. Winning tonight would mean that Inter is back on one point after Fiorentina in fourth place. This means a victory against Livorno could be important for Thohir not only to continue with him but also to renew his contract. Mazzarri needs the results to talk for him and this means that Inter needs to start scoring.”

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Gazzetta dello sport skriver idag om Mazzarris framtid i samband med dagens match:

“Mazzarri vill bekräfta en av sina trender, nämligen att ta fler poäng på den avslutande delen av ligan än den första delen. Just nu är det 32 poäng mot 16. Att vinna ikväll skulle betyda att Inter ligger en poäng från Fiorentina på fjärdeplatsen. Således kan en vinst idag vara viktig för att övertyga Thohir om att inte bara fortsätta med honom men även för att förlänga hans kontrakt. Mazzarri behöver att resultaten talar för honom och det betyder att Inter måste börja göra mål igen.”


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    Thanks godness would sack him now Thohir after tonight I’m starting to think maybe even god don’t want Mazzarri to coach Inter
    For being injustise with all young players infact all players whom their star was about to shine he keep them out for a while Rano Guarin he even made then want to leave to turn fans aginst them or those who are loved the most by fans like Zanetti and Kovacis we rarely saw playing
    You wanna know why he did that?
    Will it clear I mean !
    He made even clearer when he said I’m like Mourinho !
    Still don’t wanna really know !
    I will just say it because he wanted to be the show the man the superstar that Inter cannot survive without
    However he turned out to be the destroyiour the loser the confused the stuped the unlucky the missey tacticed the offensively cowered the wanted coach desired to be sacked by his team fans