Mazzarri after Livorno: “It’s one of those years”Mazzarri efter Livorno: “Det är en en sådan säsong”

March 31, 2014 23:25
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Walter Mazzarri was interviewed by Sky Sport after having witnessed his team give away a two-goal cushion at the Stadio Armando Picchi against Livorno.

“Those who wathced the match understand that it’s one of those years, who should be understood in a certain way. Let’s talk about the good things, like for example the character that the boys showed until, maybe subconsciously, they thought the match was closed. Livorno were revitalized after they scored their first goal and we missed 2-3 clear chances when we were 2-1 up. This is football in Italy: if you make a mistake you end up paying for it.”

“Guarins performance? He just needs to play well, as he knows how to do. Mistakes like the one he made today happens, you can say that it was a bad day but because of a string of these bad days we have thrown away an incredible amount of important points. We have to grow in order to make an evaluation at the end of the season as well as growing next year.”

“I spend a lot of time speaking to the players in order to get them to understand certain things, maybe 24 hours isn’t enough, however, I speak with them from morning to night. There are players who manage to understand and who go forward taking aboard the advice I give them, then there are those who have their limitations either because of mental or characteristical reasons, who you need to work on. The mentality is everything, to pay attention is fundamental. The difference between those who are champions and those who want to be champions lies in the head.”

Then Mazzarri was asked why he substituted Hernanes: “He wasn’t too lucid, during 2-0 we needed to close the match, we came to their penalty area and then it looked as though we were playing Play Station. He played a lot and gave a lot, therefore the change were Alvarez got to play mezz’ala to the left was entirely correct. I made the switch because I was thinking of doing what was right, Guarin also did some good things. I was thinking about bringing Kovacic on but maybe he is better suited to play on the left side of the midfield.”

“Samuel should have fouled Emeghara? I think Samuel didn’t even get enough time to understand that they had a man back there, he ran out of time but I think he was influenced by the fact that he was shown a yellow card earlier and was afraid of being sent off but it looked like he even didn’t try to make contact with him. Guarin’s mistake? It’s like when you pass the ball between the legs of the goalkeeper, Guarin didn’t do it on purpose, these things happen” Mazzarri concludes.mazzarri2

Walter Mazzarri intervjuades av Sky Sport efter att ha bevittnat sitt lag tappa en tvåmålsledning på Stadio Armando Picchi mot Livorno.

“De som såg matchen förstår att det är ett sådant år, som ska tas på ett speciellt sätt. Låt oss ta de bra sakerna, som till exempel karaktären grabbarna visade fram till dess att man, kanske omedvetet, trodde att matchen var stängd. Livorno blev revitaliserade efter sin reducering och vi missade 2-3 heta chanser när det stod 2-1, fotbollen i Italien är sådan att begår du ett misstag så får du betala för det.”

“Guarins insats? Han måste bara spela bra, såsom han vet att han ska göra. Misstag som den han gjorde idag sker, man skulle kunna säga att det var en dålig dag, men på grund av många dåliga dagar har vi kastat bort helt otroligt många viktiga poäng. Vi måste växa för att göra en evaluering i slutet av säsongen.”

“Jag spenderar väldigt mycket tid på att föra en dialog med spelarna för att få dom att förstå vissa saker, kanske är det så att 24 timmar inte räcker, jag gör det från morgon till kväll. Det finns spelare som lyckas att förstå och som går framåt med de råd jag ger, sen finns det andra som har begränsade resurser antingen på grund av mentala eller karaktäristiska motiv, som man kan jobba på. Mentaliteten gör allt, att ha en viss uppmärksamhet är fundamentalt. Skillnaden mellan de som är mästare och de som vill bli mästare sitter i huvudet.”

Sedan fick Mazzarri svara på varför han bytte ut Hernanes: “Han var inte alltför lysande, vid 2-0 var vi tvungna att stänga matchen, vi kom fram till deras straffområde och då såg det ut som vi spelade Play Station. Han spelade hela tiden och förbrukade mycket av sin energi, därför var bytet där Alvarez fick spela mezz’ala till vänster helt rätt. Jag gjorde bytet då jag tänkte på att göra det som var rätt, Guarin gjorde dessutom en del bra saker. Jag tänkte på att ta in Kovacic men han kanske var bättre att ha till vänster på mittfältet.”

“Samuel borde ha fällt Emeghara? Jag tror att Samuel inte ens fick tillräckligt med tid för att förstå att de hade en man där bakom, han tappade tid men jag tror att han påverkades av det att han fick ett gult kort tidigare och var rädd för att bli utvisad men det såg ut som han inte ens försökte att få kontakt med honom. Guarins misstag? Det är som när man passar bollen mellan benen på målvakten, Guarin gjorde det inte med flit, det är sånt som kan ske” slår Mazzarri fast.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • M

    WM its your mistake you tried to close up the match while it was clear Livorno were still had the chance to tie the result and if you did it right by bringing Taider as defensive mid it would more resonable of course Guarin will go forward more than Hernanes you missed WM now I hope you would be sacked because you will miss up again next season if couldn’t read Livorno ( with all my respect ) clearly how will you be able to read bigger teams
    I hope you train another team in Seria A next season and you face Inter and Kovacis would make regret letting him out and all youngsters you doughted at Inter
    Inter is bigger than Mazzarri
    Plus I hope you face Inter runned by the real Mourinho so that you learn that you can’t compare yourself to the special one

  • neddanovic

    mazzari is a fucking loser! get rid of him and bring in simeone for gods sake! look how well he has done with atletico, he is destined for inter!

  • juan

    ” There are players who manage to understand and who go forward taking aboard the advice I give them, then there are those who have their limitations either because of mental or characteristical reasons, who you need to work on. The mentality is everything, to pay attention is fundamental. The difference between those who are champions and those who want to be champions lies in the head.” I like this :D, I think you can’t find truly a real champion in this squad apart from zanetti. however, there must be some kind of leader on and off court. i want that kovacic to become however not still. he lacks shooting skills in a match, therefore his finishing abilities are being truly lowered. look in his eyes now and couple of months isn’t the same. couple a months ago he seemed much happier however, look of his eyes now are eyes of true unsatisfied beast, thirsty for improvement and proving his worth. that is something he should have for rest of his career, even after career. even though he is still young he shouldn’t admire anything, he should think he is the best.

  • kido

    i said from day one, this wm is not good tactician i swear down when it comes to sub and the team on the field is not functioning well he keeps rubbing those mouse hands together and doasnt know what to do even at napoli.

  • juan

    also, thank for thinkin a minute about kovacic.

  • juan

    indeed, i agree that kovacic is the best on left flank along with centre midfield, because in these two positions he can get ball more often and more easily, and why wouldn’t he, he is so amazing with it in his feet. however, not in 3-5-2 pormation because he is the one who plays defence two along 3 center backs. in formation with two defenders, him and nagatomo would do miracles on lefz flank.

  • Aca

    RIcky – Out
    Jonathan – Out
    Samuel – Retirement (better than others but old)
    Ranocchia – Out
    Taider – Out
    Cambiasso – Out
    Guarin – Out, or give him other position
    Milito – Out

    This will make room for at least 5 top players on each position

  • gen

    I expected benassi or belfodil scored last night. So it could be like a Bang oh mazzari’s head..

  • Why dident you change Kovacic with Alvarez and Kuzmanovic with Taider????

  • Oliver

    don’t cry mazzari jube and other inter rivals really loves you

  • SaPa

    Rafael +)) WM OUT exactly! That I thought about Mazzari at the beginning of a year same I think about him now! Weak and coward coach not for big team. I have only foul words for him. it’s fucking so sad.

  • Axel

    Look at Guarin’s stupidity and look at Samuel’s slowness in defense. SHAME! Not playing in-form Ranocchia, Kovacic and Taider and then playing slow Samuel, useless Alvarez, dumb Guarin and donkey-Kuzmanovic. What a fuck by fucking Mazzarri. I wanna dig a knife in his ugly gut!

    • Ehsan

      Which stupidity little asshole? Not interested in fucking you? So what am I? You always forget about me! I am here to fuck your gentle ass as much as you want to

      • Axel

        @ehsan: You wanna play with my ass and dick again? Just lick it all over again like your slutty mom does everyday. Stupid idiots like you only deserve to be a slave like this. I am happy to treat you, your whore mommy, sisters and babies as my slaves. hahaha

  • eermat

    WM out

  • Rafael

    “I was thinking about bringing Kovacic on but MAYBE he is better suited to play on the left side of the midfield.” OH MAN, I WOULD SACK THIS CUNT RIGHT NOW IF I COULD, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, ALMOST A YEAR IN CHARGE NOW AND YOU DONT KNOW WHERE THE FUCK TO PLAY HIM ?

    • JP

      My thoughts exactly. I knew going in to this game that there were going to be problems. I saw the lineup and I thought, holy shit, we’re going to lose to Livorno. These subs are even worse. We’re up 2-0, Alvarez has done actually nothing all game except cross the ball out of bounds. Why not bring on Kova for Alvarez? Have Kova and Hernanes hold possession in the midfield. Taider on for Kuzmanovic, Taider will bring more solid defence than Kuzmanovic in case Kovacic makes a defensive mistake. If we score again, even better! Throw on Botta for Icardi because he has better movement and can close down Livorno’s defence more quickly.

      • duddd

        That’s right. He can’t be serious puting Hernanes out for Guarin.

        Alvarez is already 26 and yet can’t cross the ball.

        Mazzari was the first one that thought this game is closed.

    • JP

      Up 2-1 I mean.

  • brettski

    those really are pathetic words from Mazzari…
    seriously, is that the best you can say ? really ?

  • fa

    everyone needs to play well.
    Should Parma grab the three and leapfrog Inter, and then no more Mazzari.

  • inter forever

    Amazing mazzari

  • jihad

    what a crying baby ! be a men a take fucking responsability !

    • jihad


  • El-President

    don´t cry mazzari- u change Guarin for Hernandes. took KOVACIC and we win.
    what a mistake of guarin