Nicola Berti

Nicola Berti will turn 47 years old in two weeks and yet it feels like it was yesterday, he fought on the pitch at San Siro. Il Cavallo Pazzo played in 311 matches and scored 41 goals, including several legendary ones, between 1988 and 1998. Today he responded to questions that fans sent in via Twitter and here are his responses.

What happened inside you when you played the derby?

“The derby was the match I felt most of all. We and the others were warming up in the same gym, it was where I began to provoke them. I don’t deny the fact that some balls hit Milan players.”

What do you think about Kovacic, is he a part of Inter’s future?

“Kovacic is young, strong and has qualities beyond the ordinary.”

The best time at Inter?

“The first year, when we won Lo Scudetto dei Record.”

Your first thought after the goal in the Olympiastadium?

“I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, I just wanted to continue running to get to my fans. What a moment.”

Do you remember the turnaround at home against Aston Villa?

“I remember the amazing turnaround with my second goal, a beautiful half-volley, wonderful.”

Four Inter midfielders you had wanted to play with?

“I say Oriali, Cambiasso, Stankovic and Suarez.”

Have you ever thought about becoming a director at Inter?

“I am and always will be available for Inter.”

The best player you’ve played with?

“Ronaldo, of course, without discussion.”

In which Inter midfielder do you see yourself?

“Guarin, a little.”

Who would you want for the midfield?

“We need another great midfielder.”

What was special about the Inter dei Record?

“It was a new team that was integrated with the old, there was a tremendous team spirit.”

Who could be today’s derby hero?

“I very much hope Mauro Icardi, he can create trouble for all teams. He is always dangerous.”

Would a player with your qualities be perfect for Inter?

“Of course it would.”

Is there a coach you haven’t had a good relationship with?

“No, I must say that I had a good relationship with everyone.”

Do you still have contact with some from Inter dei Record?

“Of course, with Lothar, Aldo Serena, Ferri, Bergomi, Zenga.”

Rodger’s Liverpool finished seventh in the first year, but now they are fighting for the title. Can Mazzarri do the same?

“Inter have to fight to be in the top. I’m sure that over the coming years we’ll fight for the first three places, so we’ll see. We are Inter, don’t forget it.”

Where were you when Inter won the Champions League?

“I was in Madrid.”

The feeling after the volley goal against Milan in the derby you won 3-1 in April 1995?

“It was fate that I was going to score and beat the least likeable player in Milan, Sebastiano Rossi.”

How many Scudetti do Juve have?

“A lot fewer than they always claim.”

Did you feel more rivalry with Milan or Juventus?

“With Milan, Juventus were not a strong competitor.”

What has Facchetti meant to you?

“An example of integrity, a good person.”

What have you done to regain the adrenaline you got at the San Siro?

“Nothing, how do you do that? It is impossible.”

What memories do you have of Paul Ince?

“A friend, a brother, an unforgettable smile.”

How do you see yourself as Peppino Prisco’s replacement to defend Nerazzurri’s colors?

“Peppino is unattainable.”

If you had to choose one player, who would you buy?

“It should be Dzeko.”

Who is your favorite player?

“I say Diego Armando Maradona.”

In the summer of 1988 you were waiting for confirmation of the transfer.

“It was a strange summer: I had been sold to Napoli, but I refused. I only wanted to go to Inter.”

What would you say about a final between Inter and Milan in the Champions League in 2016?

“I would cry because I couldn’t play.”

Why wasn’t a cycle started after Lo Scudetto dei Record?

“There were many strong teams: Napoli and Sampdoria.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you like scoring goals in the derby?

“You can’t measure that.”

The four attackers who Prandelli should bring to Brazil?

“Balotelli, Cerci, Insigne and Destro.”

Why aren’t we getting any penalties?

“Because they make mistakes.”

The goal that you enjoyed most in Inter?

“The goal in the derby on the April 10 1993, I had promised ‘the others’ to do it.”

Zenga as coach next season?

“Next year Mazzarri will be there, but it would be good.”

Which of the three UEFA The cups are you most attached to?

“In the first two I scored goals, the third I didn’t experienced as much as I left, but then I came to the arena!”

Who can represent Interisti today?

“Cambiasso and Zanetti are the right people.”

How did it feel to debut with Inter?

“It was in Ascoli, we won 3-1, a strong feeling.”

Your most important game?

“The first derby I scored in.”

Do you remember the goal that was scored after 8 seconds?

“It was scored by Matteoli, but I went in to take the ball with my head, and partly it is also mine.”

During which year of Inter would you have wanted to play?

“I would have loved to play for Simoni’s Inter in1997/98.”

Do you consider yourself lucky to not have played in Juve – Inter when Iuliano brought down Ronaldo?

“But I wanted to be there, forget it. Always…”

What did you say to Costacurta and Maldini before you scored a goal in the derby in 1993?

“I told him ‘I’m going to score.'”

What number would you use if you were playing now?

“Number 8, I only gave it up during Paul Ince’s era.”

Give a jewel to Milan.

“The third B is not that far away.”

What was the value of the fans to you?

“Everything, I always had a need for them, we trailed together, how beautiful!”

What is the most antimilanisti you have done?

“When Milan fans celebrated at the Vittorio Emanuele I threw tomatoes at them.”

What does Inter need to get back to the highest level?

“Another year with Mazzarri and a couple of big signings.”

The most difficult opponent you have ever encountered?


Is Thohir the right person for the renewal?

“I think it seems that he has the right enthusiasm, the rest we will see in the coming months.”

Which moment do you want to relive with Inter?

“All moments.”

A player you would like to see in Inter?

“Marek Hamsik.”

Are there any young Italians to launch?

“It is the right time to launch the young players, it remains to be seen which ones.”

Will Mazzarri stay?


What do you think of Mauro Icardi?

“I adore him.”

Your best memories of Peppino Prisco?

” He always had a reply ready and always a great charm.”