OFFICIAL: Chivu rescinds his contract with InterOFFICIELLT: Chivu och Inter går skilda vägar

March 31, 2014 12:02
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Inter reports on their official website that the club has resolved the contract with Cristian Chivu:

“F.C. Internazionale and Cristian Chivu announce officially that they have decided to resolve the contract that has kept the Romanian defender at Inter for seven years. Seven unforgettable seasons with successes, victories and dramatical happenings, united in the will to beat all obstacles. Inter and Cristian Chivu has shared a professional relation that goes beyond the pitch and the professional aspect. The club thanks Cristian from it’s hart for having been a protagonist in the most glorious days of the club, with his strength and loyalty.

To Cristian Chivu and his fantastic family, thank you and salutes from F.C. Internazionale.”

Source: Inter.itchivu

Inter rapporterar på sin officiella hemsida att klubben har brutit kontraktet med Cristian Chivu:

“F.C. Internazionale och Cristian Chivu rapporterar officiellt att de har kommit överens om att bryta kontraktet som i sju år sammanbundit den rumänska försvaren med de blåsvarta. Sju oförglömliga säsonger med framgånger, vinster och dramatiska händelser, enade i styrkan att vinna alla hinder. Inter och Cristian Chivu har delat en professionell relation som sträckte sig utöver fotbollsplanen och den professionella aspekten. Klubben tackar Cristian från sitt hjärta för att han varit en huvudrollsinnehavare med sin styrka och lojalitet under de dagar som alltid kommer bland de mest ärorika i Inters historia.

Till Cristian Chivu och hans fantastiska familj, en hälsning och tack från F.C. Internazionale.”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
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  • Hans Pavia

    Thank you everything you will not forget

    good luck

    Forza Chivu

  • Oliver

    good luck for your future , thanks for everything.

  • Joey Fyodorovich Karamazov

    Grazie fratto! Good luck in your travels.

  • Ivan

    Our legend! Good luck to you Cristian!Forza Inter!

  • Ehsan

    Thank you!

  • nico

    Yes he played in that team but he was still shit, havent u watched the same games as i did? Even when he got to play as a central defender it wasent even worse.. Remember shalke in cl 40 years old raul made him look like a idiot remember inter vs milan the game before that omg is all i can say.. Everytime he played i was sure were gona conced atleast one goal cause of him. He was the one that didnt derserv to be in the 09/10 team.

    • What the hell is this kind of credit given by people on this forum.
      He received a too high salary for his quality.
      And don’t forget, he was the weakest link in Mourinho’s squad. It seems alot have a short memory here!

      • Danny Hansen

        I’m sure a lot of players would love to be the “weakest link” in a squad that Mourinho won the Champions League, Serie A and Coppa Italia with. Yes his salary was too high for his quality but on that squad almost everyone had a salary that was too high. He also agreed to lower it just to stay with Inter. He played in nine games on the way to Madrid so I’m certain that José Mourinho liked something about the way he played. You said it best, it seems a lot have a short memory here.

    • Danny Hansen

      Yes, he was never very good after 2009/10, but it’s not like he was the only one who got didn’t perform at the same level. He was terrible against Schalke 04 and AC Milan during a terrible week, but for me it doesn’t take away what he did in the CL 2009/10 and I’m sure José was satisfied by his performances against Barcelona.

  • retsu

    Take my biggest respect sir! Grande chivu!! The real champions

  • Danny Hansen

    Cristian Chivu played 169 games for Inter between 2007 and 2014, he played in 9 of the games in the Champions League 2009/10. He has played for an Inter team that won 3 Scudetti, 3 Coppa Italia, 2 Super Coppa Italiana, 1 Champions League, 1 FIFA World Cup. Yes, injuries limited him the last seasons but he deserves respect and I don’t think José Mourinho let him play in 59 games during 2008/09 and 2009/10 just to be nice to him. Cristian also, unlike many other players, agreed to lower his salary to stay with Inter. Thank you for everything Cristian, you deserve respect.

    • Good info! 🙂

      • Rikard

        Exactly. Also worth mentioning is that he rarely ever played in his favorite position during his stay at Inter, yet still performed well. Some people really do not give him enough credit I think.

    • Well you couldn’t lick his ass more then that 🙂

    • HP

      He made a big contribution to the Triplete. Thanks for everything. Having said that, the last couple of years he has been a liability. I think after the injury he never was the same. Big mistake to renew his contract last year.

  • I thought they alreay had solved this last season.
    Don’t tell me he received sallary this year too!
    Damn what a management!

  • Serstoj

    He played 7 games in 7 years! One of the Worst and stupid buys ever! Now he just looks at his Bank account and laughs!! Hate this fucking guy!!

    • Solo inter

      I guess u weren’t around when we won the treble and 5 scudetti

    • Wtf are you talking about????? He have playd over 50 matches for Inter in 7 years!!!! And he was with inter and won everything 2010!!! He have been one of Inter best players when he was fit!!! Give him some respect and dont talk if you dont know anything!!!!
      Forza Chivu!

  • Adios

    thanks for everything you have done for inter chivu..

  • Finally!