Vote: Who is your Man of the Match against Livorno?

March 31, 2014 21:45
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Who was your pick as the Nerazzurri Man of the Match against Livorno? Cast your vote below and listen out for the result on this week’s StudioInter podcast: The only 100% Inter podcast available in English online.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • HP

    Fredy Guarin!!! What a pass. That was a nice assist. Guarin a real game changer!!!

  • interd1sia

    still had some grudge now for that mr.13. he had wiped out all good things he had done until that one simple stupid pass point. if only i can vote for bardi. but seeing him last night doesn’t really convince me that he is ready to replace handa. loan him another year or keep him so he can learn from handa

    • Ehsan

      Hey, whey were you buddy? some guys here missed you a lot

      • interd1sia

        who missed me? kovacic’s boyfriend?

      • Axel

        @ehsan: Hey freak, don’t think others as gay like you. You are an only gay freak here! Keep drinking your dead mommy’s blood! Don’t stop licking my asshole!

  • hamdan

    the reason mazzari choose guarin over kovacic because guarin better in defense. but look now mazzari dont you realize thaaat. kovacic really will never make a dumb miss pass like that…
    I hope Mazzari realize all his mistakes…

    • interd1sia

      really? will never? who are you again? a psychic? or should we hire some psychic like you so we would know which player would made a blunder, which would had a bad game etc? this is getting more and more ridiculous each day. hahahaha

  • D

    Please bring Strama back! WM and his 3-6-0,5-0,5 tactics simply sucks. Any solid European team would kick our ass. Bravo for Benassi, Bardi and especially MBaye and Duncan. Bring them back next season and let WM go his way..

  • Ehsan

    Damn It! Just damn it and in addition I wanted to notice that Bradi was my man tonight, I really enjoyed by watching his abilities tonight and I pray he will be the next GK of us for many years, nothing more to say

  • Oliver

    mazzari is the italy version of david moyes

  • Hisham Yousif

    Am quoting Mr Thohir: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry”

    A comical situation that really pisses me of!

  • kristian

    My heart really hurts, why you do this to me Inter :'(

  • feras

    I latterly had tears in my eyes when the ref end this horror I feel sorry for my INTER god

  • Nick

    I see lots of guys want to see Kovacic playing. But he also has lots of problems. His effective pass and shot is too less, but I don’t blame him since he is so young and talented. WM may need to play him more, but that’s not the key. The average level of our current players is too low. Few years ago, players like Jonathan are not even qualified to be in Inter. Now, what players we have? What players when WM had at Napoli? I hate to say Inter sucks, but it does! We already lose the spirit. Look at Milan, or even Juventus, the Italian football clubs are going down because of the money and economy. Whether Inter will become the team it used to be, really depends on Tohir and a professional management team. Let our fingers crossed!

  • Grey

    @Masoud: are you blind or what? If WM is still the coach,then inter will be a mediocre team,OMG…I forgot to vote…of course Walter Mazzarri is the man of the match,trust me,there are no better coach than him in destroying inter like this

  • luis nazario de lima ronaldo

    just lost money because of mazzari.i don’t even give a fuck,i love inter,inter is a part of my life.but i just hate mazzari,he hasn’t changed anything..even coaches that don’t win,at least you can see some philosophy of theirs.and mazzary is pussy.not puting kovacic.i am telling you he will sell the guy who should be our future.and he only plays him in a game he knows he will lose,like against juve,and then blaming him for the loss,blaming 19 year old kid who is not a starter,because of him.what a coward of a man,i am telling you he did that on purpose.and putting kuzmanovic.i am serbian,and i can tell you,the guy sucks,he doesn’t know how to play this game,he is weak as a footballer.and mazzari will now blame guarin and get away again.and although he made a mistake,it is inter game that bothers me the connection,no passing in spaces,no running from midfield.just sad.when i think of all the players that played for inter,and all the squads we had,i just wanna cry.i hope inter sack him.i honestly feel depressed when inter is loosing like this,and this is a least 50 teams in europe plays better than us,at least,and it really hurts.but hey,they don’t have to fire him now,but in a 3,4,5,10 years he will be out,and i will still be with fuck you mister mazzari,you suck!!!!

    • Brat…

      • luis nazario de lima ronaldo

        who are you calling brat?
        do we know each other? no..
        you don’t know anything about my life to call me that way.i was just saying what is wrong with a team i love.and as you clearly don’t care about inter,since you didn’t have any comment about a team,but about me, don’t write’re probably the one who is a fan from 2010,and clearly don’t see how serious this can be for inter.

      • why u calling him a brat. I agree with what he is saying.

      • Ehsan

        Yeah, ofc he has the right to defend himself, why you called him a brat? and why you + your little friend are always against everybody?

        • Wow just wow, all of you moody bitches need to calm the fuck down and not write anymore shit until you’re all off your periods. Damn…

          • Ehsan

            Shhhh! dont be too serious crying whore, and wanna be mess with me? no it’s not a good idea

  • After tonights game it’s safe to say that we refer to Fredy as Lord Guarin, he is simply outstanding. How did they lose this one? Up 2-0 in halftime and people dare say that Mazzarri is completely without fault? This shit happens every time, meaning that whatever shit Walter is saying, it’s not working!
    And nice nutmeg by M’Baye btw, he’s definitely not good enough for Inter. At all. Period.

  • interisti

    Wm consistency is 10 out of 10, he keeps fielding the same shits everyweek, no matter how bad they play. Maybe he falls in love with guarin and alvarez, also with kuzmanovic.. i bet any other coach will field kovacic instead of alvarez or guarin.

  • azis1414

    mazzari is going to a mental hospital… so stressful hahaha…

  • Nikos Inter

    Alvarez is good only when he plays behind the striker like in the strart of the season?When are you going to realise it Mazzarri?Btw not that we didn’t win because of it but why didn’t Ranocchia start?Is he injured?

  • Masoud

    That assist man. No one else in current Inter squad can send such a through ball. And please stop blaming Mazzari. If Guarin had not made that mistake you guys were all praising him. We need consistency and we have to keep Mazzari for a few more seasons.

    • Interista

      I totally agree dude. Every time we blame Mazzari for the players shit! It’s not fair. As I said below some players must remember that they’re playing for Inter and not for Juve Stabia.

    • sasa

      WM is to blame. We have one of best talent in the world in Kovacic and WM dont use him, still blameing him for one mistake…how about Guarin now!? or Alvarez who čoses 10 balls per game!?…
      WM needs to go

      • sasa


      • Masoud

        As if changing coach after coach has taken us anywhere. You guys need to change your mindset.

        • calviniste

          Indeed changing coaches won’t get us anyway, but keeping the wrong coach is a big sin either. I don’t mind at all keeping Strama even after we’re destroyed last season, because he is worthy kept for, Mazzarri? He is not worthy!

          • asss


    • Interista

      That wrong pass was simple a “lack of professionalism”.

    • Interf@n

      Guys, watch the game again, before Guarins pass that went in, 7 minutes earlier he made the same through pass back to Handa but we were lucky. Something fishy with this mindless Zombie.

  • Dimitris Inter

    no, he will bench Kova again…and Riki will be a starter again

  • Interf@n

    Hey guys, look at the bright side, WE SCORED TWO GOALS, woohooo. We are definitely on the right track.

    • Tyointer

      And bardi , mbaye, bennasi , duncan are very good! 😀 want them at inter next year ? I dont think so when wm still the coach

    • Interista

      We will be on the right track if some players remember that they are playing for Inter and not for Juve Stabia!

  • tinter

    Remember Mazzarri’s criticizing Kovačić after that mistake against Juve? He hardly played him for next few games. Do you think the same will happen to his boyfriend Fredy? I just wish Mazzarri’s stubborn for right choices as he is for the wrong. It was a disgusting performance, but nothing new…

    • interisti

      You got the point mate.. howmany loose balls every match, and wonderful assist against inter, yet always be on starting line up…

      • calviniste

        You’ve missing the point mate, its not about Guarin, yes he is suck, but a coach who always put the blame on players? Totally a rubbish.

  • galuh

    absurd game tonight. of course this is mazzari fault, mazzari always use the same player every game and his formation use a lot of energy. see in the second half our player look very tired. sack him immediatly! Benassi, Bardi, and Mbaye deserves to be in our squad next season.

  • ezio

    can we exchange mazzari with a monkey? he field shittiest players on the pitch and you said we cannot blame him???

    • interisti

      Cant agree more.. we are not haters, we talks about fact, look at liverpool at bpl, do they have the best squad? Chelsea mcity totenham arsenal have better squad, but they play great football, and the coach field coutinho, rahem steerling, henderson, they all are young players, they make mistake, but how do they perform these days. Jezzz… they are first on the league.

      • calviniste

        EPL and serie-a are so different in case of young players, you cant play a total youngsters at once in italy, you’ll be doomed, but either way Mazzarri is really sucks.

  • Manny


  • Interista

    It’s ridiculous to lose like this! I blame only players for this crap! This was an easy game and we should win it! Just look at the statistics. Another wasteful game!

  • lolwhat

    of course GUARIN!

  • As i said when the lineup was presented…’s gonna be one of those nights…’s just bad coaching when we are ahead 2-0…..all WM needed to do in half time was to tell the players to keep hold of the ball and let Livorno chase…..close the match…but then he subs Hernanes who is our best player when comes to holding the ball and keeps Alvarez shithead on the field?!…..not to say Kuzmanovic…….no matter how much I want to like WM he sure knows what to do to make it hard for me….this guy will not give the youngsters the chance…..Inter has always wanted spaletti and now he’s free so why not bring him in…..or my favorite Zeman….now that would really bring back the pazza Inter!

  • Rafael

    Am I the only one that’s satisfied IF AND ONLY IF Mazzarri gets the sack by the end of the season. Absolutely horrendous what I saw just there, he was obviously underestimating livorno judging by that line-up but the funny thing is that we were actually winning. But then, Mazzarri’ once again tries to prove that he’s absolutely clueless in player management.
    1) none of the substitutions were called for, oh and by the way you have one of the biggest prospects in Europe sitting on your bench for weeks, what do you do, you field a complete moron in Guarin who in every game wastes a dozen of chances either because he’s too greedy or wants to hunt birds.
    2) Icardi has been useless all month, and Palacio obviously has high fatigue. So instead of making use of Milito (you know once one of the most prominent and feared strikers in Europe, eventhough old now but I can guarantee he can bring much more to the table than Icardi and Wanda) he uses the same shitty formation that has been losing for weeks
    3) Oh, and Alvarez, double wage my ass, your wages should be halved after that crappy performance actually, make that a quarter of that half so 1/8 th of your current wage.

    If I do not see an immediate response from management to this disgrace stubborn ridiculous excuse for a coach, I will stop wasting my time watching Inter anymore until next season!

    Over and out!

    • Well said

    • Im with you on that one!

    • JP

      For the most part I agree, however, I think players like Icardi are useful when you actually get crosses in the box. Icardi gets zero service.

  • Interf@n

    If anybody noticed, Guarin gave 2 passes to Handanovic from the top post, first one was risky but he got away with it but he made sure the second one reaches his destination.
    Is he paying back to Inter for not letting him go?

  • Dimitris Inter

    WHERE IS @interd1sia ??

    • Tyointer

      Haha what are you looking for? Everyone has their own opinion

      • Dimitris Inter

        he is biggest supporter of WM here and he called me hater, because yesterday i was trying to explain him things that we saw today… and i want his opinion now…

        • calviniste

          He called lots of people haters, such a blind man.

        • Tyointer

          Ohh ok i got it. But try to stay calm ok 🙂 we are brother in the world of interisti. Honestly, untill yesterday I still put my trust in wm, but after last night match, its all over .

  • kido

    MOM for me was WM

  • Inter.GR

    I voted for Guarin cause this was a “troll” game!Instead of assisting Emeghara why couldn’t he give an assist to one of our players?!This is just trolling mate!Enough of this shit,Benitez is way better than Mazzari and we can all see that!I am done with WM!This is his fault!Trolling with my team,trolling with the fans,trolling with the media!He is a troll not a coach and we can see that from his tactics!Stramma was way better!WM OUT!I FEEL SORRY FOR STRAMMA CAUSE I LOVED THAT MAN!

    • retsu

      Yeah,,I love strama too, he can develop players very well.

  • Interista

    Please do not blame Mazzari for this loss because it will be the most unfair thing you’ve done! I’m fed up of the same thing over and over! Some players need to take off shirt and go home…even if you change formation we do the same crap things! This has nothing to do with Walter Mazzari. We share points!

    • j9guy

      I agree. Only lost due to a horrible Guarin decision to pass back 40 meters in to middle of field. Children know better and so should a professional. WM could never have foreseen such a dumb play by Guarin, never!

    • Dimitris Inter

      no my friend, it most of all WM mistake….
      Livorno was playing with 10 and he sub Jonathan with Zanetti…what more i can say to you….??

      • j9guy

        Really?! You think that sub made a difference? Jonathon is no better than my 14 yr old neighbor. Come on you know better…..

        • interisti

          Do u understand football afterall? Jonathan great coming forwards, we talks about fact not hating anyone. He is the best right wing we have now. His crossing is one of the best among inter players. But wm, speechless. I support wm, but ihe keeps disappoint me with his team selections. Stubborn coach.

          • j9guy

            Do you understand when winning we put in a defensive player (JZ) to sure up the defense. Guarin was then playing the right flank in FRONT of Javier. So it was Guarin that pissed it away my friend. A better, smarter sub would have been Cambiasso for Kuz and leaving Guarin in Milan.!!!

        • Dimitris Inter

          i agree that your 14 yr old neighbor is better than Jonathan, but he start with Alvarez in line up that was our most shit player in last two games….for some reason that only he know he didn’t start Rano, who was our best defender in last 2 games…for some reason that only he know he start with Kuzmanovic…for some reason for 2nd game he remember 3-4-3 system in 85 min…for some reason that only his stupid head know he don’t want to give Kova and Taider a chance….

          • j9guy

            Hey I HATE WM just as much as you. We are arguing for the same thing just using different examples of how shit WM is. His use of players is baffling to anyone that has a clue, including both you and me.

    • interisti

      So if he keeps field the same shits every week, and the team play badly, its not his fault. Come on, guarin makes a lot of mistakes and also ricky for the last two games, but he keepa fielding them.. really not mazzari faults, we have kovacic taider on the bench… hmmmmm.. so maybe its guarin faults? But who picks him week in week out?

      • j9guy

        I have consistently stated all season that Guarin and Ricky are shit and should be sold. But once WM put him in the game how could he have known what a dumb play Guarin would do? I mean that was incredibly stupid. Now if WM benches him for the next game then we will all be happy 🙂

    • Sorry mate…..where is the coaching? It’s the same in every game…..he doesn’t bring out the last touch from the players, always looks disappointed like everything is going against only him… no no…..just look at it historically, inter have always played well under coaches that has motivated the team… can’t just keep selling in your ideas without motivating them…..look what he is doing to Kovacic, taider, andreolli, Ranocchia……that is not what I call motivating……

      • j9guy

        Let me be clear: I do no like Mazzarri and never have. I have been saying since his hiring that he is awful for Inter. Having said that I must ask you: Do you think he coached Guarin to pass that ball back? That pass is ALL Guarin’s doing and he should be benched for weeks but likely will not be since WM is a moron.

        • Dimitris Inter

          if we would win 1-2….you would be happy with what you saw in all game?

          • Interista

            I would not be 100% satisfied! Because I know that we could do better. We need to improve many things yet. But at least we would take 3 precious points. We deserved it more than Livorno and we could accomplish it if Guarin didn’t make that unprofessional pass!

  • interisti

    Tired tired tired….. come on we have much better players. Look at liverpool at epl, the squad just so so, only suarez the star player, but now they are first on the league. Inter with bunch of promising players yet wm field the same shit every week.. what a disgrace…………… tired……….

  • Eric

    so angry watching this game.. guarin definitely needs to get beat up for that mistake..

  • Ahmed Yafai

    What A disgusting performance in the second half…..POOR finishing……very bad ….INTER…just gave a away a winning match…absolutely disgusted by the way team lost the match ….. INTER you lost the match ….that point is of no use for your disgusting performance in the second half….:(
    BARDI played really well….he deserves to be man of the match

  • ezio

    great match, too bad inter’s youngsters in livorno didn’t win the match.. solid performance by mbaye and bardi anyway.. forza guarin forza ricky and forza fuckin dickhead mazzari

  • joaquin

    If Thohir is satisfied with EL, then WM won’t get sacked. The 6th place would give EL as well, because of the coppa Italia finale…
    So WM is our coach next season

  • sasa

    SACK WM! Enough of this shit

    Idiot prefers Kuzmanovic over Kovacic, and no Taider…WM need to go

  • TCL

    Guarin was the best, what an assist!

  • Dimitris Inter

    Go home Mazzarri….
    Like this we can play and without coach at all, believe me….

  • j9guy

    Guarin’s pass was the worst play I have ever seen from him, and I have seen enough of him to know that he MUST be sold. He is useless! Also useless is Alvarez who gave away the ball that eventually led to the first goal against. He sucks!!!
    And of course once again Icardi records no shots on goal. Only he could get an assist for actually missing an easy put away for a goal. He also sucks!

  • AK-77

    Why Guarin why…

  • Joey Fyodorovich Karamazov

    Fire WM. Guarin may have given that pass but the lineup and substitutions were all wrong. I think WM is more at fault then Guarin.

    • j9guy

      WM is an idiot but Guarin made the pass after all.

  • hassan

    its simple Fredy Guarin

  • The best players was the Inter youngsters in Livorno!! See Mazzarri young players can do better then old!!!!!!

  • j9guy

    Bardi was the best INTER player!

  • Dimitris Inter

    I want the opinion about the game from “interd1sia”……….he know why…..

    • AHAHAHAHA! Made me laugh i needed that after watching this crap!