Inter Fassone Promise: “We will not make purchases. Two positions to be filled”

April 29, 2014 17:29
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On the sidelines of the presentation of the “Infront” agreement, Marco Fassone paused to talk to some of the reporters present. Here are his words to

What will Inter do about the closure of the Curva Nord?

“I learned about this with a lot of regret for two reasons: First, related to sporting character, we have an important game against Lazio who is a rival for the remaining Europa League spots. Second, because this would be the last game for some of the players who made history with this club, such as Zanetti. This last game without the fans would be very sad for football in general. I intend to return to the office, read the decision and file an appeal.

Are you confident in an appeal?

I have not yet seen the decision in writing. I have to read it in order to find if there are problems with it in any way. I should reiterate our position on this particular regulation as it is the fifth time that our club has to deal with issues of this nature and has had to defend itself against a standard and sanctions that are disproportionate and unjust.  Fortunately thus far it has been successful. Territorial discrimination in this country is a difficult thing to apply, as we are a country of close groups and towns that always tease others on the other side of their borders. I hope that the Federal Council will reconsider these sanctions for next year’s championship.

Inter needs to lower its wages in the future. With this in mind, Guarin is likely a luxury this team cannot afford, as the future is bright between Hernanes and Kovacic. Can Inter afford to keep him on the bench or will Inter sell if an important offer comes?

We are Inter Milan and we have the third largest revenues in Italy, even now. If we returned to the Champions League we could achieve revenues similar to the top two teams. I think we should have a team that is prepared for the Champions League and in this case we cannot have 11 players and then reserves with low wages. It is important that we are disciplined with the salaries, which we have climbed a mountain to reduce them drastically in recent years. Guarin is a very important player for us, I do not think he is a luxury.”

Are there non-transferable players?

“In principle, yes, in the analysis of Inter and the manager, there are important players for next season. Thohir himself has said that Icardi and Kovacic will remain. Those who implement the transfer strategy, consider who are fundamental and non fundamental players but the market is unpredictable and it is pointless to make predictions about it.”

Thohir did not rule out the arrival of a big singing. Are the ideal players for Inter going to be Dzeko, Torres and Morata?

“Of these I do not know, as we have a couple of positions that require filling at Inter. We are working to identify players that have economic parameters compatible with the club, but also of a very high technical quality. If we make purchases, we will not be buying any players that cannot be used. Thohir reiterated that the purchases of Hernanes and D’Ambrosio were for players who have always played and have turned out to be important in that regard.”


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino