La Stampa: Shortly Thohir will announce two new arrivals

April 30, 2014 12:40
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thohir madrid

According to today’s edition of La Stampa, president Thohir will soon bring two new executive to Inter: Michael Bolingbroke, formerly C.O.O of Manchester United and Luca Innocenti, a former prominent member of Viagogo (Swiss website that specialises in selling online tickets). Meanwhile, Inter study the modernisation project for the San Siro, with the improvement in the hospitality areas and the opportunity in the long run to demolish the third tier.

 Source: La Stampa
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
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  • this forum makes me laugh because Inter has been buying players over the years but they bought junk players so who’s fault is that? before you can buy players Inter needs a GM that can bring those quality players in. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of money to buy good players.

    For example, Pogba+Pirlo+Llorente cost Juve 1 mill altogether and inter spent 6 mill on Silvestre…….who got their monies worth ?? who was overpaid for ??

    if I had 1 wish for Inter it would be for them to hire Jean-Claude Blanc as GM……but they obviously need a Sabatini or a Marotta if they want to build a winner.

  • htm

    you must fix the management first and then buy top players, you can’t buy world class player into broken club, their salary and high transfer cost will killing us softly

  • Interista99

    I’m waiting for top players i believe Thohir can make it happen. If he doesn’t do it then go back to Indonesia then

    • HP

      Go back to Indonesia and then what? Are you going to buy the club, and buy those top players you want? Lets be realistic Inter is broke, lossing tons of money every year, and in danger of been penalized by FFP.

      • Interista99

        Someone who’s willing to invest in topplayers. City,Psg and Chelsea are smaller clubs then if you see the history. Keep dreaming if we don’t buy top players whe have no chance for scudetto ord champions league. We are a big name keep it that way in the future

        • Adit

          The clubs you named are closing the gap on their debt by constantly playing in the UCL. We’re not. Owner’s money doesn’t count in the FFP. Learn something

    • Chalon

      Ignorance. Tohir is not a sugar daddy. He is a business man who will improve Intersections business model which is what we need. Stop just thinking about $$$ or go support PIG or City.

  • Semprul

    Forza bang Thohir

  • This guy Thohir is a great Marketeer!

    • Interista99

      Ok buy players then…