Di Marzio: Adriano with Catania future?

May 30, 2014 02:47
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Adriano Leite Ribeiro

Today on the “Sky Sports” website, mercato expert Gianluca Di Marzio spoke about a potential return of Adriano to the Italian peninsula. Adriano told the new station that he would like a return to football and could be looking to Italy for a means to get back on the pitch. This rumor was supported by the fact that Adriano was seen at dinner with a Catania director. He apparently looked to be in good shape and would sign an inexpensive contract.

Source: FCInterNews.it

Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • M

    Adriano was one of the greatest strikers at Inter his exploding spirit cannot leave my mind even though his period with us was short but I wouldn’t lie I love to see a new powerful striker like the emprore was even when we lose one goal scored by him make you feel you knocked down rivals with a revange punch

  • FB

    Just as you thought you’ve read the most unlikely story Di Marizo pops out a new one…

    But I do really hope that Adriano does get some quality playing time somewhere. He is still family.

  • Eroll

    bullshit, he’s done.

  • His name is Di Marzio god dammit.

    • Joey Postorino

      Thanks amico

      • Sorry, OCD going nuts when i see it everywhere 😉

  • Chino

    Wasted talent, should have been better than Ibra