From France: Tom Ince will join Inter, Luiz Gustavo…

May 30, 2014 17:25
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The portal, Les Transferts have written about the nerazzurro mercato. Inter have probably found an agreement with Tom Ince during his visit to Milan, and he will play with the same club that his father once have played in, it’s just a matter of time (even if the details in the contract isn’t finished yet. Mazzarri have asked about Luiz Gustavo to the midfield, who he want to be the first purchase, even if it will be hard to accomplish.


Christopher Hansson
By Christopher Hansson
  • M

    This deal took longer time than it should’ve had
    Ince deal will return a lot of money after several years when all english clubs will come running to get back when he makes a name for him self with Inter
    I thought Thohir vision is about youngsters will this a chance that is about to run away from our hands
    Ince and Mbaye and Duncin and many others we have must be invested wisely to get out of our economic problems and to make a strong wealthy team and conquer Seria A again we have to start next season to do so those young players needs playing time Thohir must somehow put the idea in Mazzarri’s mind

  • kuda

    Shit. Halilovic joined barcelona for only 1.8 m. And we got ince for almost equal value…..

    • ezio

      what?? 1,8m for halilovic?? damn!!

  • Ellobonerrazzurri07

    This will be a major pick up for the Nerrazzurri if Luis Gustavo he would be the ideal replacement for Cambiasso. He would bring in lots of experience and a championship caliber mentality winning titles with Bayern Munich. Hernanes and Gustavo would make a good soild Brazilian midfield duo for years to come. Thorir should think about selling Guarin if Luiz Gustavo if brought in, Tottenham has been interested in him for a while maybe we can make a player swap for Paulinho which there both valued the same and are in the same situation with finding playing time for there respected clubs. If The Nerrazzurri make a deal like this before the World Cup they will avoid having bidding wars with other clubs. Other names that have been linked to the club that are quality players that should be brought in before the World Cup Real Madrid’s Marcelo which will be look for a new club bc of the future arrival of Juan Bernat from Valencia which Marcelo would fit into Mazzarri’s wing back system very well. Hulk is another player not in the radar of many clubs but with a good World Cup performance he will be, He is a strong power forward that is capable of scoring 20 goals and is a starter in Brazil’s World Cup squad. I’m mentioning not only Brazilians bc there gonna win the World Cup but bc these players are key figures on the team and will be on many clubs radars after the World Cup bc of there performance. Nerrazzurri need a injection of Joga Bonito 2.0 the combination of flair and physicality to get to the top of the Serie A once again. Paulinho, Marcelo, Hulk and Luiz Guztavo would make a nice Brazilian connection at the San Siro and make it a more attractive style of football!! Which hasn’t been seen in years since Mourinho’s time!

    • Sindre

      Forget Hulk his sallary in Russia is to high for inter, we can’t pay that. Same goes for Marcelo to high sallary, maybe coentrao instead from real Madrid.

    • Kowaliani

      Did you just sat that we player attractive football under Mourinho? I love that guy, but attractive football, really?

    • calviniste

      Spurs like Guarin? What year do you live in? It’s AVB who wants him, after he left, spurs no longer wants Guarin.

  • Febri Haryadi

    yes, luis guztavo
    sell ince fo vrsaljko

  • chymo

    is time to take our place back