Taider’s Bologna ransom, Inter offers…

May 30, 2014 16:25
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“Resto del Carlino” has reported that there is currently an  struggle taking place between Inter and Bologna for the full ownership of Saphir Taider. Inter are said to be looking to offer around 3.5M to complete the purchase of the player. However, Bologna is currently having cash liquidity issues and is said to be trying to raise the figure to 5.5M in order to ease their financial distress.

Source: FCInterNews.it

Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • M

    I think Taider is a good player he impressed in all the matches he played in last season I think if WM prepared him well he will be a good starter even better than Behrami we should’t lose him specially when AC Milan asked for him in winter transfer window to complete a deal for Matri which failed up we don’t need a new Pirlo story if we not not going to sign big names this summer we should keep our own players

  • Deal with it

    This guy is a better version of Behrami, better passer and great set piece taker, he is also younger by 5 years and didnt peak yet, thats why Behrami rumors are mind boggling to me, i hope Taider stays and gets playing time next season as we are competing in more competitions

  • Grey

    Dont sell taider,just loan him out

  • Kiro

    Whatever happens, I hope he stays with Inter. As long as we don’t sell him, I’m okay with Taider being co-owned.

    • Zoki

      Serie A’s co-ownership transfer is going to be disabled during this summer’s transfer window. It means no new co-ownerships can happen and I think that eventually, sooner than later, all old co-ownership must be negotiated so the player joins either of the clubs.

      • interd1sia

        as far as i know any current co-own can be extend for another year and had to be resolved next year while any new co-own agreement will totally not be permitted