TMW: Behrami with Inter for Silverstre?

May 30, 2014 02:38
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Silvestre Strama hög

Today at “Tuttomercatoweb” time was spent looking at the potential Behrami to Inter deal. It is well known that Behrami is a target for Inter in this summer mercato, however Inters financial situation makes the 10M Euro asking price difficult. Inter are said to be studying several alternatives to a cash only deal and it has emerged that Inter may try to use Silvestre as a makeweight in the deal. The defender is set to return to Inter from Milan and is likely to be moved out again. Napoli is looking at the deal but Besiktas are said to be in the background.


Joseph Postorino
By Joseph Postorino
  • M

    Behrami is not big name or a great preformer I don’t think Mazzarri can look for good players to help Inter his sight directed only to his former club he even didn’t ask for Napoli’s key players if the deal was about Inler then we will consider it as an Inter level move it seems that our level went down after change in management

  • To the moron that wrote this article:


    why would you want to Spend 6 million on an injury prone Silvestre who was quoted by Palermo President Zamparini as saying “he lets in way too many goals” when you can spend your money wisely and get the following players;

    Fernando Llorente – Free
    Andrea Pirlo – Free
    Paul Pogba – 1 million
    Riccardo Montolivo – free transfer

    Do you see what I am getting at here ??

    you can Come up with any rumor except trying to use Silvestre as trade bait because he’s a waste of a roster spot for any team in serie A

    • Always respect the writers, unless they are from tutto 😉

    • ezio

      you always say same shit everytime you write a comment.. yo always say jube got lonte for free got herpes for few mil.. do you really wanna know what us interisti think about that?? WE DON’T FUCKIN CARE YOU IDIOT JUBEFANS!!! GET LOST AND FUCK YOUR BOYFRIEND ASS!! FUCK YOU!!!

      • calviniste

        He got the point though, it’s a very sarcastic comments but really true. Sad story, yet it’s a bitter truth.

  • masoudzarifi

    napoli said behrami cost about 7milioon euro…a midfielder about 7milioon is good for inter????inter must buy a stong DM (top class player)not cheap player……psg want to buy di maria for 60miliooon aand we are looking for 7milioon euros player…shit

    • FRJP

      Deal with it man, our management was suck!! Now, we have to pay for it! Sad, but it is the truth!

    • Zoki

      What FRJP said. I will always love Moratti family, but he put us in a decline. As soon as we lost our sugar daddy, we were screwed. And as we are now in hands of Thorir, a bussinessman, not a sugar daddy, we will build the club into a profitable organization. Along that road means new infrastructure, new staff and mostly, a few years of i-hope-we-can-get-to-CL Inter.

  • CCplin

    This is a win-win solution for Inter and Napoli. Silvestre and Behrami are on the same level.

  • Chino

    That’ll do

  • Andrew

    Yeah… Napoli shouldn’t want Silvestre though, they can target far better. Napoli shouldn’t even be selling Behrami as he is their best midfielder.