Bye Bye, Osvaldo. Juventus sends Osvaldo back. Inter…

May 31, 2014 19:05
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Osvaldo Juve
Gazzetta della Sport drops the news just now. A decision has been made in Turin and Italian-Argentinian striker Pablo Daniel Osvaldo will not be bought by Juventus after his loan to the Italian Champions, instead Osvaldo will now return back to Southampton in the Premier League. For now, anyways. According to Gazzetta della Sport, Inter has not given up on Osvaldo. His name is most likely to recur several times during this mercato before the season starts again.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • this guy is Junk !


      Now we will try to make him our star when Rube can’t make him a star. And please by some painkiller for your butt.

      • let’s make something clear about Osvaldo… Roma under Zeman he scored 10 goals in 20 games and that is playing all out attack with Lamela and Totti……half those goals were with his head, the other half were with his foot. I watched him blow easy scoring chances the entire time under Zeman. Then under Andreazzoli he only scored 1 goal in 10 games. Then Zeman does an Interview with the Gazetto and says to them “Osvaldo should have had 20 goals not 10 under me, he needs to become a more clinical finisher” and that very sunday he scored a hat trick. that just proves to me that he is very arrogant and very lazy – he is definitely Inter Material !!!!!!

  • fuckon

    prefer torres all day to him

  • Nikos Inter

    In January he chose Juve instead of us.I don’t want him in the team

  • El-President

    Chicharito is the best forward for us:) we need his speed for Kova´s passes

  • Eroll

    I Prefer Torres than him….

    • Ehsan

      Me too

  • cowboy

    We do not take any trash from juBe

  • M

    I think he will be good signing for the team but another great striker signing must remain in demand if Osvaldo and Chicharito are signed togather Inter will be ready to compete in all competitions

  • Droga

    Anybody but him!