Sky- Three different offers for Gustavo, but all three rejected

May 31, 2014 17:03
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Inter has made three different offers for Brazilian midfielder Luiz Gustavo, who Mazzarri likes and recommends, but none of the three offers have been accepted. This was revealed by Emanuele Baiocchini, speaking from the studios of Sky Sport 24. The alternatives for the midfield are Granit Xhaka and Valon Behrami, meanwhile Fernando Torres remains a hot name for the attack.


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Well you can say what you want.

    But im very pleased about the way how the business is done lately.

    At the time Branca was still active, he bought players almost the last moment. This team and it’s not only Aid, are doing a great job.
    For the people who still don’t know how it works, let me explain it again to you.
    95% of the players that are named in the Media or are being brought up by Thohir is just to put pressure on the real deals. Smaller clubs, would faster accept the deals. Once here and there, bigger clubs also falling in this trap.
    That’s how it works my brothers.

  • M

    We were promised of signings I wouldn’t lie Gustavo is a big name but with our way of deals until now playing around Ince for more than one month without even closing the deal we will be lucky if we kept Taider

  • mauritz

    Hernanes-Luiz Gustavo-Kovacic
    Carrizzo,Di Gennarro

  • eermat

    Cmon, get him!

  • inter4life

    behrami?u got to be kidding me!